CBM Debate! Spider-Man 4 Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

CBM Debate! Spider-Man 4 Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

Logical debate between the two sides of the argument. Winner takes all!

Hello fellow comic book lovers! Lately I have heard many people on this website bashing and ranting about the new Spider Man movie and others who bash the previous Spider Man Trilogy. The thing is I, like many people, am tired of hearing people whine and complain with little to know fact or logic behind their comments about either of these movie franchises.

So here’s my proposal: We have a debate! Now, what I mean by debate is that there will be two sides. One side of the debate will be the people who are for the new Spider Man franchise. These people will have to state why they like it, what they didn’t like about the other franchise, and must write persuasively in order to convince the other side this movie is worth watching and supporting. The other side, the people who are for the previous franchise will be debating why they love the old franchise, what they don’t like about the new one, and try to persuade the other side that Sony has made a mistake and Spider Man 4 should have been made.

The rules are simple, but many will break them.
There will be no bashing, ranting, or incoherent comments! You must base your argument ON FACT! No speculation is allowed due to the fact it is just that, speculation.

All comments must be LOGICAL AND FACT BASED! Deductions will be made for people who don’t follow the rules! Those of you that follow the rules and make proper arguments will be rewarded one point. Likewise, those who do not follow the rules will have one point deducted.

The results will be posted Next Sunday May 15th.

Good luck and may the best, and most logical side win!
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