CBM Pizza Pow-Wow Ponders the Demise of Spider-Man’s Franchise

CBM Pizza Pow-Wow Ponders the Demise of Spider-Man’s Franchise

CBM Pizza Pow-Wow Ponders the Demise of Spider-Man’s Franchise

With news that Spider-Man is being rebooted, a few of us got together to figure out what exactly Spider-Man 3 did to kill the franchise – and Tony’s Pizza sponsored the event!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony's Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine!

Tony's Pizza was kind enough to send us FREE coupons to sponsor a little get together so that we could try their new “Crispy Crust” pizzas and announce a $500 Entertainment Prize Pack they’re giving away. So, we decided to make a party of it and re-watch Spider-Man 3 whilst eating the aforementioned pizzas (we even fed some of those poor starving kids in the picture).

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So, why did Spider-Man 3 fail with so many fans? After a few hours of debate and eight pizzas to the wind (they weren’t as big as we had hoped, but you can’t beat the price), we agreed on the following:

“Bad Boy” Peter Parker sucked!
We’re referencing all of the “Bad” Peter Parker scenes of the film, not just the bad hairdo.

If you want him to be a bad guy, make him a bad guy. Dressing him in black, giving him a bad hair day and having him act retarded DOESN’T make him a bad guy. It makes him a dork.

We love Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, but I don’t think it’s possible for him to ever come across as a bad guy.

Underdeveloped Villains
We love Sandman and Venom, but they did a poor job of developing both. Not only that, but they couldn’t seem to decide whether or not you should hate Sandman or feel sorry for him… Is he the bad guy or not?

They barely touch on Spider-Man ruining Brock’s reputation as a journalist, but why change it so drastically from the comics? According to the movie the symbiote bonded with him because he just happened to be there when Spider-Man got rid of it. Why not mention that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that’s why he was in the church (because he was pondering suicide, NOT just because he hated Spider-Man and wanted the Lord’s help to destroy him)?

Eddie Brock Is Supposed To Be Tough!
Let’s face it, Venom is supposed to be twice as big as Spider-Man. I like Topher Grace, and actually think his acting wasn’t bad, but he just doesn’t have the size to be Eddie Brock/Venom.

In the end we had had a fun little get-together to stuff our faces with pizza and watch the movie again. While Spider-Man 3 wasn't our favorite movie of the franchise (so far), we agreed that the special effects were pretty good, it was pretty entertaining (unless you're a big-time Spider-Man fan), but with just a few changes the film could have been Spectacular (pun intended!).

With all of that being said, where do you stand? Was Spider-Man 3 the nail in the coffin? Is it time to let in some fresh air? Let us know below!

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