Chris Hemsworth Helped Tom Holland Land SPIDER-MAN Role

Chris Hemsworth Helped Tom Holland Land SPIDER-MAN Role

Chris Hemsworth Helped Tom Holland Land SPIDER-MAN Role

Tom Holland, the actor who will bring Peter Parker / Spider-Man to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has revealed in an interview that he received a little help from a fellow Avenger in bagging the role. Hit the jump to find out more...

Earlier this year, young actor Tom Holland won the role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beating out various other contenders that included Asa Butterfield and Charlie Rowe. Now it appears that Holland recieved a little support from one of the other Avengers in bagging the role.

In an interview with New York Daily News, Holland revealed that he emailed Chris Hemsworth, his In The Heart Of The Sea co-star - who also happens to play Thor in the MCU - asking for support in landing the role as the web-slinging superhero. "I emailed him while I was auditioning for the film and said, 'So can you maybe put in a good word for me?'" 

Hemsworth himself said that "I called the guys at Marvel when they were casting, and I heard he was in the final handful of guys, and said, 'Look for what it's worth you're not going to meet a harder working more appreciative kind of guy.'" He then elaborated that he was "so blown away by [Holland's] sort of attitude and work ethic and how good he was," before recalling saying to Tom: "'I've told them that, so don't prove me wrong.'"

Meanwhile, Holland also opened up on his love for the character. "I used to love the TV shows and I used to dress up relentlessly as Spider-Man. Two years ago, I went to a fancy dress party as Spider-Man." Holland then stated he would be "spending some time [in New York] to get the accent down" as prep before he begins shooting Marvel's Untitled Spider-Man movie later next year.

Whether Hemsworth's input made much impact on Marvel's decision will remain unknown, but for now, what do you make of Holland and Hemsworth's comments? Do you think Holland was the right choice for the role of Peter Parker? Let us know below!

Tom Holland's Peter Parker will debut in next year's Captain America: Civil War, releasing May 6, 2016, before headlining his own solo film set for release on July 28, 2017, which will be directed by Jon Watts. 

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