COMICS: Marvel Changes Ben Reilly's SCARLET SPIDER Costume For The Better

COMICS: Marvel Changes Ben Reilly's SCARLET SPIDER Costume For The Better

The nicest thing that could probably be said about Scarlet Spider's redesigned costume was that fan reaction was 'mixed at best'. As a result, Mark Bagley is putting Reilly back in the classic hoodie.

In the wake of the finale of The Clone Conspiracy miniseries, Ben Reilly is back in the Marvel Universe and set to receive his own solo series from Peter David and Mark Bagley. However, the first look at the Scarlet Spider's redesigned costume left a lot to be desired. A variant cover was released the following week, which seemingly addresses a lot of the complaints fans had about the first design. However, it appears Marvel has decided to scrap the new costume altogether and put Reilly back in his classic, cut-off hoodie.  

The first issue hits retailer shelves on April 26.  Newsarama's sources tell the site that the new costume will still be worn in the issue but that by the time the first arc wraps, Reilly will be back in his more familiar threads.

Written by PETER DAVID 
Art and Cover by MARK BAGLEY 
Action Figure Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER

One of the most controversial characters in comics has returned — and the controversy has only BEGUN! In the aftermath of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Ben has a new take on life…and he’s not the same Scarlet Spider he was before. Come witness what will be the most talked about comic of the year!
32 PGS
Rated T+
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