Could we get Ultimate and 616 Green Goblin in the Amazing Spider-Man series?

Could we get Ultimate and 616 Green Goblin in the Amazing Spider-Man series?

Is it possible that we could get both versions of the green goblin on the screen in the same series? Come read the article to see my theory.

Well here we are with another one of my crazy theories. Maybe this is something more of what i want to happen if what we've seen from the leaked storyboards are true. You heard me ramble before, here we go again.

I for one am very, very excited for the amazing spider-man 2. Loving the first one i really hope Electro and Rhino are done justice. But i got to thinking, if we get goblin in this movie will we get ultimate or 616. And then i thought, why not both? Here me out here, this is a flimsy theory but i think it could work. Lets say we go by what the storyboards are telling us and harry is the green goblin in the amazing spider-man 2, well which goblin is he? i mean he sure as hell isn't gonna be big green goblin like in ultimate, at least from what we can see from the leaked trailer.

But he is definitely transforming into a goblin unlike the 616 goblin who was just a guy in a rubber latex suit. Now here is what i am thinking, maybe we do get both, not in the same movie, but we do get both, we can't deny that harry is gonna change into something as seen in the leaked trailer. Unless of course that scene was filmed just for the trailer which i doubt.

Now based on the pictures above it seems like harry will change into what appears to be a 616 version of the goblin, all skinny and such. Or at least from what we can see of him. This version of the goblin could maybe be doing something for Norman, harry is his son after all so maybe he feels obligated to fill out his last wish. Destroy Spider-Man, Harry could feel the best way to do this is to "attack his heart" as stated in the Raimi movies. By killing Gwen.
This could still give the goblin the push he needs to be an A list villain, even if he isn't Norman like the original comic. Of course from there Spider-man could end up killing goblin in a fit of rage kind of like he did in the comic the night Gwen Stacy died.

maybe even make the shot the same if they are going for 616 goblin, even if they already used it in the Raimi film it would still be a good fit for harrys death in this movie.

Now onto Ultimate Green Goblin, why do i think he will pop up if we already get 616 green goblin? I have to reasons for thinking this. Number 1 Harry is a much younger man then Norman, only in high school of course, and Norman is a very sick elderly man. Maybe due to his advanced age when he takes the formula he gains more size and becomes what the formula would have made harry if he were older. Of course going for the design of the ultimate goblin.

The second reason i think this could happen is that it could work really well for story purposes, making harry be the goblin first then after Spidey thinks its over and done with Norman comes in, bigger and stronger then ever. Spider-man shocked and afraid, as he realizes that what was killed before was just the beginning, and causing an epic final battle of the trilogy.

Another reason for thinking that this could happen is Sony seems to be giving the fans what they want, at least from what we can see, and fans will riot in the streets if Norman is not the goblin at some point. So this might be there way of having there cake and eat it too. Do something different and give the fans what they want. Besides, making the goblin sort of like a reverse family legacy is a great idea, and could really fit for the series. Plus having Chris Cooper be the huge goblin, and Dane Dehaan be 616 goblin could work. As from what we can see, 616 goblin would just be makeup, which Dehaan can wear and do the voice and do most of the stunts if required.

Chris cooper on the other hand is an older man, and if he became the big goblin it would require cgi to create it, so only the voice would be necessary. And even then they could get away with a completely different person doing the voice, just use the same tech they used for the Hulk in the Avengers.

Anyway, there you have my theory, it may have been me rambling, but i want to know what you people think. Do you agree? could they be doing this? would you want this? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks For Reading And you all have a great day.
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