Did The mistakes of The Amazing Spider-Man Actually Make It Better?

Did The mistakes of The Amazing Spider-Man Actually Make It Better?

Find out how the mistakes of The Amazing Spider-Man gave the character more attention, and made the film better.

Did The mistakes of The Amazing Spider-Man Actually Make It Better?

I’m sure all of you by now have seen the Amazing Spider-Man. In my opinion, this film is much better than Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 3 (2007), and just beats out Spider-Man 2 (2004). Andrew Garfield was a great spiderman, and the cast as a whole was very good. But to be completely honest, I am not a huge Spider-Man fan. Before this I thought Spiderman was a p**sy, and I just never really cared about him. However, after this movie I started to go to Netflix and watch the original series, read articles about speculation and reviews, and even looked at various Spiderman characters. In a span of 4 days I grew to love Spiderman, and I cannot wait for the sequel. Interestingly enough, I believe this all happened because of the mistakes of this movie.

If that last sentence confused you, this paragraph will clear things up a bit. As a lot of people did love this movie like I did, people did notice some mistakes. The biggest mistake of the Amazing Spider-Man is that they barely went into the “untold story.” Many things such as his parents, the robber and Osborn were left out. What’s the point of saying you’ll tell the untold story if you don’t even tell it? Critics, fans, and even my friends all asked me the same question. As this is somewhat of a let down, it has actually made the movie and the hype for Spider-Man a lot greater.

Because we don’t know who was in that last scene, what really happened to his parents, who his parents were, and how did he get his power, us fans can now speculate what could and will happen. Go across the web, you’ll see millions of people asking these same exact question. What these mistakes have done is make people WANT a sequel, and people now can talk for hours on what they believe is the truth.

Were his parents CIA agents? Were Peter’s powers activated through the spider bite that his father bred? Only time will tell until we know these answers, and with scenes cut out, and promised information gone missing, Spiderman fans will continue to speculate for months on the truth. I was not expecting to become a Spiderman fan, but this movie and the speculation has driven me to become a huge fan.

To sum this article up, through the mistakes of the Amazing Spider-Man, fans and viewers have devoted more attention, speculation, and criticism of the movie. These chain of events has allowed Spider-Man to expand, and has turned the prior fun trilogy into a new franchise with fans dying to figure out and discuss what will happen.

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