Don't We Want A More Witty Spider-Man?

Don't We Want A More Witty Spider-Man?

In this Editorial, I'm going to discuss about why none of the movies gave us the correct personality of Spider-Man yet!

Do not get me wrong, I absolutely loved "The Amazing Spider-Man" and it gets better with each consecutive viewing. However, I feel like we haven't seen the true witty Spider-Man yet, that we all love from the comics and television series (Not including "Ultimate Spider-Man" in the category, it is in no way my attention to offend the ones who like it. It is just my personal opinion on the series.).

Let's put our attention in the comics for a second. Here you can see how Spider-Man is annoying the hell outta Kingpin by using "you so fat" jokes. A bit extreme, but you can really tell that it catches Kingpin off guard and so gives a tactical and psychological advantage to spider-man, who otherwise would be pretty much in danger against a humongous like Kingpin. Seriously, guy's so fat he makes sumo wrestlers look anorexic.

Spider-Man just doesn't shut up, one of the many qualities I enjoy when I am reading or watching him in action. Let's take a look at the brilliant scripted "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Where he really made some of the funniest and, dare I say, "spectacular" quips ever.

Notice the attitude? That's how he should act when faced with villains. Now, I am not saying he should just be campy and humorous 24/7, but the personality has to come through, which I failed to notice in any version of the Spider-Man movies as a viewer.

The only thing we got in "Spider-Man" was "That's a cute outfit, did your husband make it for you?" or "Here is your change!":

The carjacking scene was really funny, but the whole way the lines were delivered was a bit off to be honest.

(Doesn't matter, because this is still one of my favorite scenes in the movie)

I am not saying there were no funny moments at all in both movies, there were plenty of hilarious scenes in both versions, however not as many it should have been when Peter Parker is actually in costume!

Marc Webb said that for " The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ", we will really get a sense of Spider-Man actually being Spider-Man and having fun with it. I hope this is true, because that is the kind of Spider-Man most of us would like to see appear finally on the silver screen.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or two below and lets discuss this together. Thanks for reading.
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