EDITORIAL: My Thoughts On The "Disappointing" THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

EDITORIAL: My Thoughts On The "Disappointing" THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

CBM user "LEVITIKUZ" finally tells you once and for all why he doesn't like The Amazing Spider-Man. Hit the jump to find out why I felt The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the most disappointing comic book movies of all time.

Hello everybody it’s LEVITIKUZ. *drinks shot. In case you’re wondering why I’m drinking, I’ve finally done it. So I finally decided to write an editorial about why I didn’t like The Amazing Spider-Man. Now if you’re new to Comic Book Movie, I’m known as a hater of The Amazing Spider-Man movie. In writing this article, I decided to stop bashing the film in comments and just let it all out in this article. Now for some background about me & why I love Spider-Man. Around 2004, Spider-Man 2 came out. I didn’t care for Spider-Man growing up. Sure I heard about the Spider-Man movie back in 2002 but I didn’t care for it. I was a Star Wars kid growing up and around the time of Spider-Man’s release, Attack of the Clones came out. So my love for Spidey didn’t start until 04. When I saw Spider-Man 2 the first time, I love it. I still remember seeing the film to this day. After that I got into Spider-Man. Now a note, my favorite superhero was and still is Batman and Superman. Around the time Spider-Man started, Batman didn’t do much. Batman had crappy video games, no movies, and just some animated series. Superman also. Spider-Man was everywhere. I saw Spider-Man 2, I got the game. When Ultimate Spider-Man video game came out I got that. I got into the Ultimate Spider-Man comics a bit as a kid because of the game I mean I loved Spider-Man. There wasn’t any Batman or Superman stuff out so I learned about Spider-Man and loved him. When I heard they were rebooting Raimi’s Trilogy, I really wasn’t mad. I was hoping it was more like the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. While some guys on this site like Nomis grow up on Stan Lee’s run (ha!), Spider-Man for me is Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. I have a double issue flip back of issue 26 & 27 and that’s my favorite Spider-Man comic and was my first. Green Goblin at the bridge, Spider-Man saving MJ, Goblin taking more stuff and getting bigger, that epic Spider-Man and Goblin fight. Love it to death. My favorite page from that has to be this scene:

Goblin looking likes he’s about to defeat Spider-Man and all. I think this was the only double page art in the issue but I loved it. Now with The Amazing Spider-Man, I didn’t except it to be bad. Why it disappointed me more than say Green Lantern is because when I saw Green Lantern I knew it would be bad. I didn’t think The Amazing Spider-Man would be bad. When I saw it, there were some moments I could recognize from Ultimate Spider-Man. For example the first fight between Spider-Man and Lizard takes place in Peter’s high school like how Spider-Man and Green Goblin’s first fight was in Peter’s high school. Also how big of a mystery there is behind Peter’s father was talked about in the Ultimate books like how it was in the movie. As the movie went on, there were so many scenes and moments I was disappointed in and by the end with how it ended I felt cheated. Webb talked about being influenced by the Ultimate books but there were barely anything from the books I grew up on. I know, I know. Movies change a bit but nothing really felt like the Ultimate books. Nothing. I mean you said you were influenced by them but what were you influenced by? I just see a couple examples. I’ve decided to left it all out, one last time. No more dissing The Amazing Spider-Man after this. While yea I’ll say I was disappointed by it but I wouldn’t troll a bit like I do at times. Now….

What I Liked About This Movie

Before I completely bash this movie, let’s talk about the good and what I liked. I will admit the webswinging and fight scenes were good. Spider-Man films have yet to have a bad fight scene in them. Now I also like the cast. Emma Stone was perfect for Gwen Stacy, though I would have preferred her for Mary Jane Watson. I really did like Rhys Ifans for Connors. I felt he was good but the character was just written wrong. Sally Field was a great choice for Aunt May. I am putting this under every type of editing I could think of so you can see it, Martin Sheen was perfect for Uncle Ben and Denis Leary was perfect for Captain Stacy. I loved them both. My favorite performances were those 2. I also love the scene at the end where Lizard says how Parker’s alone and Stacy’s just like no he’s not he got me. That was perfect. Very good job there. Now on to Andrew Garfield. I think he’s an excellent actor. Very good. I think he’s Spider-Man is good. I also think he’s Peter Parker is good. I rewatched the film and I just feel different about Andrew. I picked up my old Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Andrew looks just like Peter. At first I was meh, now I do think he’s good BUT he has problems. Get rid of the stupid mumbling. English muthafricker, do you speak it? Speak clearly man. I do think he can be good if written well. I don’t have a favorite between him and Tobey. I see Andrew and Tobey like Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. Both great Batmans but it depends on the day. Some days I prefer Michael, other days I prefer Bale. So that’s what I like about the film. Most negatives lay with the writing and story itself.


The Film Did Nothing New

This is perhaps my biggest problem. The Amazing Spider-Man gave us nothing new. But Levi we have webshooters and Gwen as Spidey’s first love!!! That doesn’t mean a thing. In Batman we had Vicki Vale and in Batman Begins we had Rachel Dawes. Is Batman better because Bruce’s main lady, let’s be honest Vicki is Bruce’s gal while Catwoman is Batman’s, is in the film? No it doesn’t. Another thing, in Batman Batman never used the Batarang once. Batman Begins we see him use it a lot. Is Batman Begins better for that? No. We didn’t get anything new. We’ve seen Peter in his high school years, we’ve seen Spider-Man origin, Uncle Ben’s death, Uncle Ben’s speech. Why yes there are so new characters, it doesn’t change the film overall. Hell Lizard’s plot was no different that Ra’s in Batman Begins. The Amazing Spider-Man brought nothing new. I mean hell in Man of Steel we had action. We haven’t had that in a Superman movie. There is nothing The Amazing Spider-Man offers that we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man movie before or in a movie before.

The Fact The Origin Story Is Retold

Now I don’t understand why we needed the origin story retold. There simply was no reason at all for this. You could still have him in high school and have him as Spider-Man in the beginning. Spider-Man’s origin is one of the most simple origin stories in comics. He got bit by a radioactive spider & his Uncle was killed, BOOM end origin. The reason for Batman Begins telling Batman’s story was that his story was never told. Batman never told Batman’s origin. Batman existed to begin the film. The in 89 film focused more on the origin of the Joker than the origin of the Batman which is a nice breath of fresh air in an origin story but in the end we learn Bruce Wayne is Batman due to the death of his parents. The Batman/Bruce Wayne’s story is really told throughout Vicki Vale’s eyes. Really just about every scene with Bruce or Batman involves Vicki. Now before I get to deep into my love for the 89 film, the point is Batman’s origin has been told once because it only needs to be told once. We didn’t need to wait 45 minutes to see Peter Parker turn into Spider-Man a second time. Also, when Hulk was rebooted in the form of The Incredible Hulk they didn’t explain the origin also. They basically told it in the opening credits because people still remember Hulk. It was alright to retell Superman’s origin because 35 years has passed. People want a new Superman series no matter if you liked Man of Steel or not. Having the same film 10 years ago, it’s like “this looks familiar”.


One of the big marketing points for this film was the untold story of Spider-Man told. The Untold Story is about the truth about Peter’s parents. The movie never really goes into this at all. We see Peter’s parents in the intro, we see Peter find his dad’s bag, and we see Peter locate an old friend of Peter’s dad. That’s it. I did like the scene where Connors and Peter met for the first time. That wasn’t bad but still you never dive into Peter’s parents. They have 3 scenes involved with them. That’s all. You feel cheated by this. I don’t think I can write anymore but that. It’s like saying COME SEE X-MEN: FIRST CLASS WITH WOLVERINE and all you get is that brief Wolverine cameo.

Too Much BATMAN BEGINS Influence

When it comes to the 2 best origin films, Superman and Batman Begins come to mind. Sam Raimi said he used Richard Donner's Superman as an influence. Webb has said Batman Begins is an influence for his film. The difference is Raimi used Donner as influence, Webb copied Nolan. Batman Begins changed everything. Ever since that film, everything in Hollywood is darker, gritter. Hollywood did not understand Batman Begins. Why was Batman Begins great? Answer that for a second. What made Batman Begins the best Batman movie? The answer is that it put Batman in his environment. Read Year One. The environment in the book matched the film. Not just that book but the film also gave you so much stuff in Batman's universe perfectly. A great Batsuit, a Frank Millerish Batmoblie, a perfect Jim Gordon/Batman relationship, League of Assassins which is now the Shadows, Scarecrow, Arkham Asylum, mobsters, and so much more. It took what was great in the Batman comics and put in on film. That's why the film is great. The film was dark and gritty because Batman is dark and gritty.

Spider-Man isn't, Superman isn't. I was talking to JokerFanHAhaHA in chat the other day and we both agree, dark and gritty will ruin comic book movies. Most of these characters aren't dark and gritty so their films shouldn't be dark and gritty. Wolverine is dark and gritty, Daredevil is, Ghost Rider is, Superman isn't, Spider-Man isn't. If you remember, Iron Man was influenced by Batman Begins and they did it right. They were inspired more on the story elements than tone of Batman Begins. That's why Iron Man was great. It's a little more light-hearten and funnier than Batman Begins but at the same time Tony Stark is more light-hearten than Bruce Wayne so it fits. It makes sense.

Having Spider-Man dark and gritty doesn't work. Spider-Man isn't a dark character. He does have his problems and issues in life but he looks at the positives. Spider-Man has his family and friends and New York behind him willing to help him out. Batman doesn't. I say this because Batman's a loner. He prefers to be alone. Spider-Man isn't really like that. Spider-Man doesn't fit this tone. Maybe if Venom or Carnage was the villain. They used too much Batman Begins so much that in the end it didn't feel like Spider-Man. The police are issuing a warrant for Spider-Man? I've never heard of that but also didn't Commissioner Loeb set a task force against Batman? Spider-Man going out to kick every thug’s ass to find his Uncle's killer in fucking New York City? Sounds like how Bruce was about to kill Joe Chill but he knew Chill did it. Peter is finding a needle in a haystack. Story wise, Batman Begins would be a good influence for Spider-Man but not tone wise

Peter Parker Has No Identity

I have no idea what to call this kid in the film. In the comics, Peter is a nerd. In the film, what is he? We see Peter the scientist, Peter the loner, Peter the boyfriend, Peter the douche, Peter the helper, Peter the skateboarder, Peter the kid with more hops in his jump than a case of Miller Light, Peter the guy who dented the goal post, Peter the photographer, Peter the Stalker, Peter the nerd. I mean what is he? Focus on one aspect of Peter. In Spider-Man, he was the nerd who got picked on. In this film, Flash doesn’t really bully him. Every time him and Flash fight, it’s because Peter is helping someone and standing up for them. Flash doesn’t really pick on Peter because he’s a nerd. At the end, Flash is cool with him. Flash also wants to tell Peter sorry about his Uncle. It was a little odd seeing this because one of the reasons Spider-Man is great is because he’s the guy who gets shit on by life. Also did anyone think Flash was a little too short? Not a problem just wondering if anyone else noticed that. So yea the problem is Peter has no identity. Focus on something damn it instead having him as the everyman.

Peter Webslinging With No Mask IN BROAD DAYLIGHT

Did anyone else find that scene dumb at all? We see Peter webslinging in his clothes and at the end of the scene we see him on top of a table. I mean you’re in New York City man. The streets are crowded as hell. This scene didn’t need to be in it at all it just didn’t. I mean yea I know in movies you’re supposed to suspend your belief on reality but at the same time simple stuff needs to make sense.

Peter Parker Starting Fights With Everyone In New York

I facepalmed so bad at these scenes they were just so bad and so stupid. Ok Peter, I understand your Uncle died and you want to find his killer. At the same you have to be smart. You just had this character build his own web-swingers now you make him do stupid stuff like this. Peter, do you really think you will find your Uncle’s killer when you live in Queens and just over there is fricking New York City home to millions and millions? It just seemed so dumb for him to fight every Tom, Dick, and Harry to find his Uncle’s killer. I mean you’re in New York City man. You ain’t finding him. At least not by punching every thug you see.

Now there is a reason while it’s acceptable in films like Batman Begins and Spider-Man and not The Amazing Spider-Man. In Spider-Man, Uncle Ben’s killer stole Uncle Ben’s car. He was also driving reckless and being crashed by police. It was easy to find Uncle Ben’s killer. In Batman Begins, they caught Joe Chill. Bruce was about to kill Chill but someone else did. In The Amazing Spider-Man, the killer gets a clean getaway. It’s just a stupid scene.

The First Time We See Spider-Man

This scene was so bad. Now before I explain why, let me educate why this scene is the most important scene in any comic book movie: the reveal of the hero scene. Let’s think of some great scenes that revealed our favorite heroes and villains:

Joker’s First Appearance In Batman

Batman’s First Appearance In Batman

Batman’s First Appearance In Batman Begins

Joker’s First Appeareance In The Dark Knight

Superman’s First Public Appearance In Superman

Wolverine’s First Appearance in X-Men (Recognize that this is like an edited video but still includes the scene with just music added)

Iron Man’s First Appearance In The Red And Gold In Iron Man

Whiplash’s First Appearance In Iron Man 2 (Yea the film sucked but his first appearance was great)

Nightcrawler’s First Appearance In X-Men 2

Bane’s First Appearance In The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Returns In The Dark Knight Rises

The Avengers Together For The First Time In The Avengers

Superman’s First Appearance In Suit And First Flight In Man Of Steel

Did you see how awesome those scenes were and are? Those scenes kicked ass. Sure some I may have missed. Really wanted the opening to X-Men with Magneto in the camp but couldn’t embedded it. Point is a great first appearance is key to a hero or villain and there was no excuse why we couldn’t get one for The Amazing Spider-Man. Back in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, there was no first appearance. Well there may have been one if you watch this trailer:

Many believe this was a real clip from the movie that was cut. Why? Well the scene uses the Twin Towers and 9-11 happened and Sony and Sam decided not to use it out of respect. So in the film we have a montage of sorts. We see Spider-Man stopping numerous crimes mixed up with headlines saying Spider-Man saved the day mixed with New Yorkers opinion. It was a different but still cool way of introducing Spider-Man. Since The Amazing Spider-Man is a reboot, maybe now we can get a badass introduction scene of Spider-Man right? Wrong. Instead we got this:

Is this really how big your imagination is Marc Webb? We’re talking Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Crime fighter. Kick ass superhero. Out of everything, a fricking car thief? Batman took out about 9 guys & the head mob leader in Batman Begins in the time Spider-Man takes down this guy. I mean seriously? This is Spider-Man we’re talking about not the neighborhood watchman. You could have done a Bank Robbery or something but we get a car thief? Not only that we have him mess around with the guy for 3 minutes. I don’t mind jokes but it gets old. I mean this is something you could have done that Raimi didn’t but instead you think of the lamest idea. I mean hell why not have him save a cat from a tree after this. It’s just, its just bad ok. Very piss poor scene. We have all these superheroes that have badass first scenes and we still have no Spider-Man scene. I mean come on.

Don’t worry Levi it’s going to be ok.

Not it’s not, I’m still writing this.

What Is Spider-Man’s Motivation?

This film never gives a clean stance on what Peter’s motivations for his actions are. Let me explain. In Iron Man, we have Tony Stark held prisoner by terrorists. He sees that this terrorist group uses weapons by his company. After he escapes the terrorists and comes back to civilization, he vows to find and eliminate all the weapons his company made that terrorist groups are in control of and does it. We have a clear reason why Tony is doing this. In Batman Begins, Bruce at first wants vengeance for his parents death but then he wants justice. He finds Falcone and tries to show him he ain’t afraid of him and instead gets looked at like a small man. Bruce travels the world to seek the means to fight injustice. Bruce wants to save Gotham. Rachel shows him how bad Gotham has gotten since his parents death and Bruce wants to defend and fight for Gotham. He has a clear reason for his motivation and reasons.

Now with The Amazing Spider-Man. At first Spider-Man/Peter Parker fights every Tom, Dick, and Harry to see if they were his Uncle’s killer. Then when the Lizard is on the bridge, Peter decides to do good and save people. His transition to this doesn’t make sense. How did you get from point A to point B. It’s stuff like that that is important. It would be like if Tony wasn’t a prisoner but still wanted to free the world of weapons. It wouldn’t make sense. Just believe a sudden change of heart?

Peter’s Name On The Back Of His Camera

One of my biggest problems in the movie was the dumb stuff we see Peter Parker do and this is another example. We see Spider-Man and Lizard fight for the first time in the sewers. Peter is trying to get a photo of Lizard to give to the Daily Bugle. Now first off, you’re a superhero and you’re on your phone playing a game with the mask off. Take it away Tony:

Ok now we have Lizard come, a little fight happens, Spidey escapes but he forgot his camera. Lizard sees his camera and what happens? Peter Parker’s name is on the back of it. What? What? This is what I hate about this film. Scenes like this. Peter is a brilliant and smart kid yet he keeps doing dumb shit. You brought a camera that has your name on it. First off I’m surprised there’s no address or phone number to call, just your name on it. Either way it’s just stupid I mean really it is. It’s like Clark Kent going to the dry cleaners and giving them his Superman suit to clean. I mean just,

The Bridge Scene

This scene was good but there were problems that bugged me about it. I think this is the second time we see Spider-Man in the film after the car thief scene. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST REVEAL OF SPIDER-MAN!!! It was so perfect for that. If it was the first reveal, it would be similar to how Batman started. In Batman, they started off with a family being robbed similar to Bruce’s family. In this, we have Spider-Man saving a young boy who gets reunited with his father. Like Batman, Spider-Man is helping and saving someone who he can relate to in a way. It was well done and so good but instead you go for the stupid car thief instead. I wanna slap someone for doing this.

Ok here was really the one thing wrong with this scene. This scene was the first time Lizard and Spider-Man met. The probably is nothing happened. Lizard ran from the bridge knocking cars off, Spider-Man caught the cars falling off, end scene. I mean what? As I will say when I get to the Lizard, Peter should have been with Connors when he first transformed and Connors should have given a presentation to Oscorp about the cure. We see Spider-Man chase finally catch up on the bridge, fight happens, cars get thrown off, end scene with Spider-Man making the choice of saving the kid in the car or chasing Connors. It just felt odd that nothing happened in their first meeting. It’s like Batman meeting Joker and he’s just like “hey” and he lets him go.

Peter & Gwen’s Relationship

Let's be honest, when it comes to love stories in comic book movies most fans don't care for them. They just want to see the hero fight and save the day. Still that doesn't mean you can write a relationship in a comic book movie poorly. Peter Parker and Gwen's relationship was poorly handled big time. Did they let Goyer in the room to rewrite the script? Now I will say I do prefer Emma Stone’s Gwen over Durst’s Mary Jane. Mostly due to the fact I have a big crush on Emma Stone. But it’s not her fault or Andrew’s fault for this, it’s the writings fault. Why did Gwen and Peter need to be together? What bond do they share forced them together? Nothing. With Mary Jane, she was the most popular girl in the school and she was Peter’s next door neighbor. Also besides the dinner scene, nothing Peter and Gwen talk about matter. Most of the time it’s them looking cute together. Also as corny as some claim Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series is, you can’t say anything after that twirl web thing Peter did to Gwen on the roof of her apartment building. I mean I don’t know how the webs work but you’re making out with the daughter of the police chief and you webbed her (HA!). Does that stuff come off?

The main problem with Peter/Gwen's relationship is the same as Superman & Lois's in Man of Steel, the female's life revolves around the male. Let me explain. Rewatch Man of Steel and tell me, is there one scene with Lois that doesn't involve Superman or Clark Kent? There are none you say? That’s my point. The only real scene is the beginning when she arrives and up until she sees Clark climbing the glacier. For the rest of the film, Lois's life revolves around Superman. Gwen has the same problem. Let me ask you, we had a dinner scene with Peter and Gwen's family. What is Gwen's brother's name? How about her mother? They never state it because they don't care for Gwen. Would you have Gwen come over to Peter’s and only have her know Uncle Ben and not even mention Aunt May. No. Then why do it for Gwen? Every scene we see Peter & Gwen does Peter ever once ask Gwen about her? No. The conversation is focused on Peter. "Peter you're a wanted man", "Peter this isn't your problem", "Peter why didn't you come to my father's funeral", "Peter why are you here at Oscorp".

Let's take a good look at Batman Begins for a second. Rachel Dawes was very well written as was her conversations with Bruce. We see Rachel having her own life outside of Bruce. We see Rachel investigating. We see Rachel doing her job. We have many scenes with her that focus on her life, not Bruce's. Her conversations with Bruce were well written. We see Bruce ask Rachel "How have you been", "How's your mother", "Why aren't you coming to the party Rachel". In these 3 statements we see Bruce showing care, showing concern for Rachel. He wants to focus on her; he wants to be updated on her life. We never see Clark Kent or Peter Parker ever ask Lois or Gwen about them. Instead we get one giving a forced kiss and one cleaning one's wounds. . I mean in the Raimi films we see Peter asking Mary Jane how is her father, asking her how’s her play, asking her this and that. Sure Mary Jane was a whiny bitch but Peter was into her. With Webb, we don’t see Peter show any interest about Gwen’s life. We don’t see him ask her about her job, her family, and her classes.

One could say "who cares about Gwen, she's boring". Was she boring in the comics before this movie came out? No. So why would it be ok to say she's boring now? If she's a boring character, it's only because the film portrayed her as boring. Emma Stone was a great choice Gwen but her role was written so poorly.

The Goomba’s Distant Cousin, The Lizard

This really pissed me off. Yea let’s admit it, the Lizard was horrible. I may get crap for this but I would debate Mr. Freeze was better. I mean hell at least with Mr. Freeze they had the scene of him watching his wedding with Nora. No matter how horrible that film is, that was a great scene and you felt Freeze’s pain. Then you hear an ice pun after and start pouring shots at the Mr. Freeze drinking game. With Lizard you never felt sorry for and that’s a problem. Lizard is supposed to be like Freeze. Both men do research to help people. Connors is trying to find a way to regrow limps but there’s more to him than that. He’s a family man and I don’t even think I saw his family once. I mean you feel sorry for him. He’s a happy man. He isn’t mean or nasty. The actor who played him said it best in an interview “he’s a guy who wants his arm back”. Now I will say I don’t blame The Amazing Spider-Man with what I’m about to bring up next. I do think they should redo Connor’s background a bit and have him as a former military doctor. He lost his arm in war and the motivation for him isn’t just for him to have his arm back but to have former vets who can get their limbs back is a cool and different idea. Not hating The Amazing Spider-Man for not having that but I just felt it seems whiny and egotistical of him to be considered with regrowing his arm. I mean do more with that you know.

Now let’s talk about Lizard here. Overall I don’t care about the design but yea he did have problems. My main problem is his plot. It’s so predictable. I mean the Lizard man villain wants to turn everyone into lizards? That’s like Mr. Freeze wanting to freeze everyone I mean it so simple. Hell the Lizard was no different than Ra’s in Batman Begins. Conner’s was Peter’s mentor like how Ra’s was Bruce’s. Ra’s wanted to destroy Gotham with fear gas, Lizard wanted to turn New York into lizards using lizard changing gas. It’s just so dumb and predictable. I’ve said many times, I care about the villains in comic book movies. We have 3 Spider-Man movies; show me more on the villain. We have 6 Superman, 7 Batman, 6 X-Men films. I grow more interested in the villains and Lizard was bad just bad.

Another thing I hated about Lizard was his origin. He got fired from Oscorp for not testing his product on humans even though he wasn’t ready. Instead he tests it on himself and gets turned into a monster. THIS IS THE SAME SHIT AS GREEN GOBLIN IN SPIDER-MAN 1!!! Stocks as Osborn were going down, they needed to test some formula, Osborn tests it on himself, gets turned into a monster. I mean seriously? This is the same shit, different day.

Another thing, I didn’t like how Connors was evil. As I said, this is a man you feel sorry for in the comics but he’s evil in the film. Dr. Connors and the Lizard are like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Good scientist who gets turned into a monster. In the film we see Connors change to Lizard, back to Connors, back to Lizard, back to Connors. STOP IT!! Pick one. Have him as Lizard throughout the film and have Peter discover a cure to save him.

If you ask me the way I would do it is completely different. Yea I would have had Connors and Peter still have that relationship but I would have had Connors further along in his research enough to give a presentation of his limb regrew cure. Oscorp sees how Connors and Peter are becoming close. Oscorp does something to mess up the limb regrow. Maybe add more in it. Kick it up a notch. Their hopes are to kill Connors during the presentation and make it look like an accident in hopes that no one knows the truth about Peter’s father. During the presentation when Connors inserts the cure, he turns into the Lizard. What Oscorp did turned him into a full grown Lizard. Mass chaos and panic erupts and Lizard escapes. Throughout the film, we have Peter and Gwen tries to find Connors and cure him. Connors isn’t in control of the Lizard at all and goes on a New York City rampage. Just my thoughts since Webb wants to build up Oscorp.

The Fricking End Scene

I wouldn’t mind most of this stuff in this film if this scene never happened. Despite its flaws, I could forget it if it wasn’t for this scene. This scene really, really pissed me off. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. But those are the best kind My reaction to this scene:

My jaw hit the ground. I mean are you kidding me? Who’s fricking bright idea was it to add that? I don’t care if it’s too foreshadowing Gwen’s death; focus on your first film. This scene just destroyed any and all character development it had going for Peter Parker. You break the promise of a dead guy? His last wishes? Really? Really? Really Peter? Fuck this. This scene was so stupid. I know it’s foreshadowing Gwen’s death but there are many ways to do that, this isn’t one of them that you should have done. It’s just so stupid I mean really? This scene is just so stupid. My advice for you Peter is to shut the frick up.

So what do I think about this movie you ask? THE MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!! Its morals are bullshit, its main character is a douche, its villain evil plan sucks, and it’s a rushed film that is a cash grab in to keep the character rights. I hate this film as much as Nomis hates the X-Men films, as much as Gusto hates Green Lantern, as much as FrancisHates hates the Michael Bay Transformers movies, as much as Ineedarevelation hates Man of Steel, as much as JoshWilding hates Pacific Rim. This movie felt like a slap to the face and a gunshot to the dick. Now I do feel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be better. I am a big fan of Jamie Foxx. He will kill it as Electro. Since he was cast I was like, perfect just perfect. I may hate it a bit but I’m mostly concerned. I don’t want to see what I saw a second time. I really want a good Spider-Man movie and this wasn’t it. I like that Jamie’s Electro resembles the Ultimate Electro. Maybe you finally picked up a fucking Ultimate Spider-Man comic Webb because you sure didn’t in this film. This film will terrible beyond belief. I do feel you could make a good story out of this I really do. TO ANY AND ALL THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FANS, ANSWER THIS QUESTION HONESTLY PLEASE. DID WE NEED A SCENE OF PETER SKATEBOARDING? DID WE? COULDN’T WE HAVE REPLACED THAT WITH A SCENE OF CONNORS SPENDING TIME WITH HIS FAMILY? ALSO DID WE NEED THE SCENE WHERE PETER FIGHTS EVERYONE IN NEW YORK? COULDN’T WE HAVE HAD A SCENE INSTEAD FOCUS ON GWEN AND HER FATHER? There was so many unnecessary scenes and things in this film that we didn’t need. It got way too high for me to stop excusing the film for these mistakes. This movie wasn’t good. I really feel cheated. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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