EDITORIAL: Why I'm Almost Certain "The Gentleman" is "Ezekiel" In TASM2

EDITORIAL: Why I'm Almost Certain "The Gentleman" is "Ezekiel" In TASM2

With the TASM2 trailers we've seen eels are involved with Electro's inception as well as Vulture's wings and Ock's tentacles. What does any f this have to do with Michael Massee's "The Gentleman" you may ask? Well, hit the jump to see what I'm thinking.

A while back I posted an editorial in which I speculated on Massee's character being Ezekiel, whom some of you may know of from the Spidey story, Coming Home. In this, a man called Ezekiel with powers similar to Peter's shows up out of the blue and decides to inform Peter he's involved in a ritualistic and totemic battle. A battle which spans the animal kingdom, in order to determine the top predator. Then a guy called Morlun turned up and beat Spidey to a pulp, all the while feeding off the radiation in Spidey's blood. But I'm straying off topic, we're here to discuss a possible connection between "The Gentleman" and this, "Ezekiel".

I'll start with the eel thing. In the latest trailer for TASM2, we see Electro fall into a container full of electric eels. This, coupled with some input from wires and whatever else fell in there with him, grants him his powers. This means that Electro's abilities stem from animals.

As I said above, Ezekiel told Spidey about a totemic battle to dtermine the greatest predator. So far, Spidey has faced a Lizard and, thought they aren't predatory creatures, he'll be facing a Rhino. We also know that Vulture and Dock Ock will have to be turning up eventually as there was a blatant easter egg as well as the confirmation of a movie.

So, the Gentleman and Ezekiel, where's the link I'm making? Basically it's this:

The Gentleman assembles the Sinister Six, and I'm pretty sure we all knew that at this stage. It would seem that the majority of the villain team, will comprise of characters who have gained their powers through interactions with animals or their suits making them like animals. Here is where I bring in the Ezekiel assumption. What if The Gentleman is Ezekiel, who is trying to prove that Spider-Man is the ultimate predator? He is assembling this team of villains, all of whom fit the bill for this totemic battle of the species.

In a nutshell, the Gentleman could be Ezekiel trying to drive Peter towards his true destiny, leading to a showdown between him and Morlun in TASM4. Of course, that's only if Marc Webb sticks to source material, which it doesn't seem he's a huge fan of so far, at least not when it comes to character design. With the exception of the new Spidey suit, that's just perfect.

We also know that all the villains will come from Oscorp. If the Gentleman is a rival businessman of Osborn, he could use the company's involvement with the SS tech and bring them down, using Peter as a tool in that situation.

Whatever happens, I hope to God it's better storytelling than the first TASM. I'm getting a sense it may just be that from the trailers, but we'll have to wait and see now, won't we?

That's all my thoughts on the matter. What do you guys think? Be sure to leave your own theories in the comments section below, I'll see you next time.
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