EDITORIAL: Will 'The Amazing Spider-Man' actually be Amazing?

EDITORIAL: Will 'The Amazing Spider-Man' actually be Amazing?

With Marvel releasing a rebooted Spider-Man this July, could this actually be the real summer blockbuster? Hit the jump to find out...

With 2012 upon us, there has been a lot of hype around comic book movies this year - and with good reason. Now is the best time to be a fan of comic book movies and are bringing our heroes and villains to a much wider audience.

With the release of the final installment of Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and Avengers assembling in May, the heat around the Marvel/Disney reboot of every ones favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man hasn't hit the headlines quite like Sam Rami's Spider-Man trilogy did upon it's release, and has also had some quite negative feedback already.

I, however, am anticipating this movie more than both the others, and here is why I am hoping I won't be disappointed.

Firstly, let's go back one year. We had DC fans donning their domino masks in preparation of Green Lantern. We had Marvels fanbase excited about Thor and Captain America. And then there was X-Men: First Class. The jokes about how poor this movie was going to be were there straight away. No decent X-Men? Set when exactly? Why is Emma Frost there and in Wolverine? No Ice Man? No Cyclops? No Jean Grey? No Angel? Oh wait... there is an Angel. But she's a stripper who grows wings and fires stuff from her mouth. And the outfits... man, did we all diss the outfits...

I think we can all agree Green Lantern was a massive miss. Thor and Captain America were both excellent, but for me, the best movie from last year was X-Men: First Class. I don't care if none of the original X-Men apart from Beast are there. The story was probably the best actual story for any X-Men movie. The effects were great, Emma Frost was ironically very hot, and Michael Fasbender and James McAvoy were brilliant as Magneto and Xavier respectively.

Now I am not suggesting The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers will flop, I think they'll both be brilliant. But we doubted X-Men: First Class and it turned out to be a corker.

Let's also not forget Spider-Man has a massive following. He's up there with Batman and Superman for most well known comic book characters and the previous Spider-Man films were box office hits. He already has the fanbase to secure him another.

Now secondly, let's compare with Nolans Batman movies. I can see this Spider-Man following Batman Begins in having a movie that is more character focused. I think we will see a 'more real' take on Spider-Man (if such a thing is possible). Batman Begins also kept away from Joker - which turned out to be a wise move. Having Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul was a bit of a gamble, but it paid off so you aren't introducing Batmans arch nemesis in the first movie - you're introducing Batman. In the second film, we already know Batman so we can have fun with the arch enemy instead. I can't see the second film having Doctor Octopus simply because he was in the original trilogy's second movie - it would be a bit weird. I can see Goblin turning up in the second.

Thirdly - and I know this will upset people, so sorry in advance, but I didn't like Rami's movies. There, I've said it. They sucked. They were horrible to watch at points and they never did Spider-Man the justice he deserves. I couldn't stand Tobey MacGuire as Peter Parker, I thought Kirsten Dunst was a rubbish MJ. And Harry? Harry just didn't come across as very Harry to me. And the third film was an absolute mess. I - probably like a few of you guys - often re-watch comic book movies and Rami's Spider-Man trilogy is one I have only watched a few times. I've watched Fantastic 4 many more times than Spider-Man 3. Basically, they weren't as great as we remember.

Now, I like the look of Andrew Garfield, he looks like Peter Parker to me. Emma Stone looks like Gwen. Now going back to my previous point about Goblin turning up, wouldn't the second film be amazing if it was based around 'The Night Gwen Stacy Died'. Finishing a comic book movie on such a dark note? How very Empire Strikes Back.

Also, having grown up on DC Comics, I don't really know much about early Marvel comics. However, Lizard DOES look very much like Steve Ditko's Lizard (I know... everyone's been saying that - but there is a reason everyone is saying it, because it's true!) and I think it's going to work. Aren't we always saying stick to the comic book appearance. I bet we get a lab coat as well.

I'm not saying this movie will be the blockbuster, I'm not saying it will be the best movie ever. I am saying it will be brilliant and I think it will be a box office success.

And this is a whole fresh start for Spider-Man. Although we've never seen The Avengers together, we have seen them all in their own movies. The Dark Knight Rises will finish off the trilogy, but we've all seen Bale as Batman. There will be surprises in both, but there will also be a lot of what we've already seen. Spider-Man is a completely fresh and new take on ol' Web Head, and this makes it interesting.

I think The Amazing Spider-Man will be the Batman Begins for Spider-Man. Which can only mean Spider-Man's 'Dark Knight' will follow. I hope.

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