10 Things Marvel Still Needs To Do To Make Tom Holland's Peter Parker The Most Spectacular SPIDER-MAN To Date

10 Things Marvel Still Needs To Do To Make Tom Holland's Peter Parker The Most Spectacular SPIDER-MAN To Date

10 Things Marvel Still Needs To Do To Make Tom Holland's Peter Parker The Most Spectacular SPIDER-MAN To Date

Spider-Man is definitely on the right track now he's part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there's still a lot Marvel Studios must do if they hope to make this version of the web-slinger truly amazing.

Following the release of Spider-Man 2, Sony managed to release three bad Spider-Man movies in a row. While they all had some redeeming qualities, the studio clearly didn't know what it was doing and that was when they turned to Marvel Studios for help.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was an undeniable triumph but there was a lot missing from Spidey's world, a lot of which will seemingly still be absent when Spider-Man: Far From Home is released if that recent trailer was any indication. That's not to say Marvel's take on Spidey is bad, of course, but there's still quite a bit of work that needs to be done before he's the most amazing Spidey ever. 

If you're a fan of the wall-crawler, then we think you'll have plenty to see about the ideas we suggest below, especially as any one of these would shake up the world Tom Holland's Peter Parker calls home in a massive way. So, to take a look, all you guys have to do is hit the "View List" button for more! 

Introduce The Daily Bugle

The Amazing Spider-Man movies danced around The Daily Bugle but that's still one better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe because there's been no mention of J. Jonah Jameson and company whatsoever. 

It could be that Kevin Feige doesn't think a teenage kid selling photos to a major newspaper in 2019 makes sense and, to be fair, he would be right. Then, there's the fact that most heroes aren't hated in the MCU, so why would Jameson have such an issue with this Friendly, Neighbourhood superhero?

These are all things that can be addressed in a future movie and the Bugle is such a huge part of Spidey's world, it's a crime that it's been absent from the big screen since Spider-Man 3 was released back in 2007.


Assemble The Sinister Six

It definitely feels like the stage is being set for the Sinister Six to appear; after all, we've already been introduced to Vulture and MacGargan (a.k.a. Scorpion), while Mysterio is set to take centre stage in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

That means we're already halfway there and this is something fans have been desperate to see for years now. Yes, six villains would be tough to pull off but assuming they've been introduced beforehand, there's no reason it can't work.

This would make for the ultimate Spider-Man movie and is an absolute must for this Spidey.


Let Peter Parker Grow Up

Taking Peter back to high school definitely made sense (introducing him as an adult would have been problematic for a number of reasons) but it's about time the wall-crawler grows up. 

He's only ever got as far as 
college on the big screen and while that's no doubt in the cards for him at some point, I'd rather jump to the 22-year-old Tom Holland heading out into the world as an adult by the time the fourth movie rolls around at the very latest. The novelty of a teenage superhero can only take us so far and I can't help but feel like it could grow stale very quickly.

So, yeah, let's see a Spider-Man a little closer to the one currently in the comic books!


Bring In The Osborns

We've seen a lot of Norman and Harry Osborn on the big screen but there's still a lot that could be done with the characters, especially as there are a huge number of Green Goblin stories Sony Pictures failed to adapt with its previous efforts. Just imagine Norman flying through the Big Apple with an unmasked Spider-Man hanging beneath his glider?

Norman could also become a big bad in the MCU with an adaptation of the Dark Reign and Dark Avengers storylines, something that would allow Spidey to become a focal point of future Avengers movies (something the comics sadly ended up neglecting at the time). Vulture wouldn't be a terrible big bad but he's no Norman so here's hoping he's coming soon.


Expand Spider-Man's World

Almost exclusively setting Spider-Man's adventures in Queens does make sense to an extent. However, it would be great to see him not only travel into the Big Apple more often (which is hinted at in the Far From Home trailer) but to also find some new supporting characters from the comics.

For example, the likes of Jean DeWolff, George Stacy, or Yuri Watanabe showing up would help bring Spidey into a whole new world where he has to work with the police to track down a villain like the Chameleon or even Kraven the Hunter.

The point is, it would be nice to see more of Spidey's world outside of just school and his Aunt May and while I definitely appreciate Marvel taking the time to properly flesh those out, there's a lot more to this hero than just that and it's definitely time for us to start delving into it. 


More Than A Neighbourhood Hero

If the Far From Home trailer makes anything clear, it's that Spider-Man is still very much a "Friendly, Neighbourhood" superhero.

That's all well and good but Avengers: Infinity War really saw him step up as he became an Avenger as he headed into outer space to battle the Mad Titan, Thanos. The same thing happening on Earth is essential and now he is a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, we could really do with seeing him become part of that team on a permanent basis.

If he manages to save the whole of New York along the way to become a publicly recognised hero up there with the likes of Captain America and Iron Man, that would be no bad thing.


Shed Some Light On The Origin Story

Like Batman, Spider-Man's origin story is so familiar, it really doesn't need to be retold. However, it's about time we not only learn more about Peter's relationship with his Uncle Ben but also the spider that bit him. Was it radioactive or genetically altered by a company like Oscorp or Alchemax?

For that matter, could Stark Industries have had something to do with it? 

Whatever the answer might be, Marvel really doesn't need to keep dancing around all of this because while it may not be relevant to the stories they're telling today, it is important if we're going to learn more about Peter as a person. It also wouldn't hurt to hear that "With Great Power..." line again, especially as it's been absent from the big screen for quite some time now.


Properly Portray His Spider-Sense

There have been hints that Spider-Man has Spider-Sense but nothing concrete and there are many occasions where he should have been warned about something that was going to happen (for example, did he not see Nick Fury taking down Ned Leeds coming a mile off?). 

It's about time Marvel clarifies whether he has any sort of Spider-Sense or if it's a reduced version which isn't the early warning system we all know from the source material. He seemed to have it in Avengers: Infinity War so perhaps this sequel will finally clear things up.


Don't Rely Too Much On Cameos

I love having Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and understand why we get so many cameos but I do hope future stories won't rely too heavily on them because Peter Parker is more than capable of holding his own on the big screen. In other words, when the Sinister Six does arrive, he shouldn't get any sort of assist from characters like Captain Marvel, Thor, or even Black Panther!

Show Off His Smarts

We know that Peter is a smart kid; after all, he created his own webbing and web-shooters! However, that was somewhat overshadowed by Tony Stark giving him a hi-tech suit with a million different gadgets in it and it's about time we see the wall-crawler use his brains to defeat a villain!

I'm hoping that will be the case with Mysterio as Spidey could definitely come up with the tech needed to expose Quentin Beck.

Peter may still be young but he's supposed to be a genius and that's something we could do with a little more of on the big screen rather than his goofier, clumsier side. This isn't a huge priority but it would be appreciated by a lot of Spider-Man fans out there.

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