Possible SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel SPOILERS Reveal Possible New Story And Character Details

Possible SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel SPOILERS Reveal Possible New Story And Character Details

Possible SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel <font color=red>SPOILERS</font> Reveal Possible New Story And Character Details

An apparent plot leak for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel has surfaced and it sheds some light on everything from the villains to supporting cast and those international locations Spidey will swing to.

Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't what every fan of the wall-crawler wanted but it did a great job of reimagining the character for a modern audience and was vastly better than Sony's last three efforts. Earlier this week, we learned that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to take on the role of Mysterio, our first real piece of solid intel about the sequel besides the fact that Spidey will be touring the globe. 

Now, an apparent plot leak for the follow-up has hit Reddit and, well, it makes for interesting reading. As per usual, it's best to take this intel with a huge pinch of salt because there's a very good chance that this is bogus. However, I don't think I'll ever forget watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and realising about halfway through that it was playing out exactly like a leak I'd read on the site six months beforehand and quickly dismissed as being complete and utter nonsense. So, you never know!

With that in mind, if you want to check out these 
spoilery new details - including news on the villain, some A-List cameos, the sequel's title, and its place in the MCU - click on the "View List" button!

It May Not Take Place After Avengers 4

Fans have been wondering how Marvel is going to promote the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel when Peter Parker was one of Avengers: Infinity War's biggest casualties but Amy Pascal has previously said that the movie takes place literally minutes after Avengers 4 wraps up. Well, according to this leak, it's actually going to be set before the events of Infinity War...which makes sense thinking about it!

Apparently, the sequel is going to end with the wall-crawler heading off on the field trip he ditches to go and help Iron Man save the word. While this could prove to be somewhat confusing, there's a chance the after-credits scene could touch on his return to set the stage for the part three.


Where In The World Is Spider-Man?

We've heard that this movie is going to be something of a globetrotting affair and six locations will reportedly end up being the focus of Spidey's overseas adventures. Those are said to be England, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy. How much time we'll spend in them isn't clear but seeing as his visits are part of an international field trip, at least a couple could be shown via montage.

Mysterio May Have A Powerful Ally

Spider-Man: Homecoming had a few secondary villains but who will Marvel Studios reintroduce in the sequel? Well, it's said that Rhino is a possibility and while we saw him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he was such a departure from his comic book counterpart that it would be easy to bring him back in a costume which is far more accurate. Plus, a VFX whiz like Mysterio could easily help him suit up.

A Cameo From Ant-Man...Or Daredevil?!

Iron Man was Spider-Man: Homecoming's big Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo and it's said that Ant-Man could be set to make an appearance in the sequel, something which would be fun to see and adds up when you consider the fact that he has a movie coming out in July and will appear in Avengers 4

However, here's where things get hard to believe. Producers reportedly want Daredevil to cameo in the sequel! While those two have plenty of history in the comic books, it's hard to believe that the Netflix superhero will find his way into the MCU in this fashion unless Kevin Feige has some plans for him.


Mysterio's Origin Story

Choosing a villain like Mysterio leaves Marvel Studios with an awful lot of creative freedom to play with his background and this version reportedly lives in London and is a failed magician and actor rather than a stuntman and VFX expert. I mean, let's face it, what's he going to do with an expert knowledge in special effects these days...spend six months animating a dinosaur for Spider-Man to fight?

It's also said that the first battle between the two will take place on London's Westminster Bridge!


Get Set For Spider-Woman

That femme fatale Marvel is looking for is said to be Jessica Drew, a character better known to comic book fans as Spider-Woman (her big screen debut is long overdue at this point). Bizarrely, it's said she's heavily based on Felicia Hardy, a character who won't be showing up in the MCU due to Silver & Black.

She'll be a love interest to Peter Parker here, so that has to mean she'll be a teenager too unless Marvel is planning on having her fall for Spider-Man before realising he's actually just a kid (something which happened with Black Cat in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books and in the regular Marvel Universe). 


Oscorp And The Daily Bugle

We've all been wondering for a while how Oscorp and The Daily Bugle will factor into Spider-Man's world and it seems we should expect little more than a cameo from both. For starters, it's mentioned in passing that Norman Osborn's company has bought Avengers Tower from Tony Stark and the wall-crawler will be shown at one point reading the newspaper with a headline branding him a menace.

The Supporting Cast

Only a few details about the supporting cast are revealed, including the fact Peter has a fight with Flash Thompson which results in the latter being knocked out. Gwen Stacy won't be showing up (which contradicts those leaked audition videos) but her father Captain George Stacy will be mentioned.

Aunt May found out her nephew is Spider-Man at the end of his first movie but it sounds as if her role will be limited to an appearance at the start of the sequel, something which makes sense if her sending him abroad makes her think he'll get out of the line of fire and will give up being a superhero. 


Doctor Octopus (Sorta Strikes)

Spider-Man 2's Doctor Octopus is a hard act to follow but it seems Marvel will be laying the groundwork for him to return to the wall-crawler's world because it's said that he'll either have a minor role as a teacher in Peter's school or will be showing the kids around some sort of scientific facility in the sequel. Needless to say, expect a pretty big name to be cast in this role if that's accurate.

So, Does Michelle = Mary Jane Watson?

Ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming, many of us assumed that Michelle would be revealed as a modern take on Mary Jane Watson, shedding her bookworm appearance and at the Homecoming dance by looking a little more like Zendaya! That didn't happen and her name was ultimately revealed to be Michelle, a.k.a. "M.J." To further tease us, Marvel will reportedly give her red hair in the sequel. 

It's also claimed t
hat she'll say MJ's famous "Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" line from the comic books at some point, something which obviously won't sit well with a lot of fans as she's not really MJ. 

The Mid-Credits Scene

The current plan is for the mid-credits scene is apparently for Mysterio to escape from prison alongside The Vulture and Scorpion (how and when he takes on that identity isn't clear but those two could easily promise to outfit him with a costume and some weapons). This would make sense seeing as it's been confirmed Adrian Toomes will return and it's seemingly being done for a very good reason...

The Sinister Six

Yes, Marvel Studios is planning on introducing the Sinister Six seemingly as soon as their third Spider-Man movie if this leak is to be believed and it does appear as if that's where things are heading. 

Is it too soon for the wall-crawler to be pitted against the villainous team? That's debatable but it's something comic book fans have been dreaming about seeing on the big screen for many years now.


The Sequel's Title

This is where the leak lost me because they claim that Marvel's plan is to call the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, Spectacular Spider-Man. That's a name we've heard being banded about for years and my gut tells me the studio will end up going with something a little more original. What do you guys think of these apparent plot details? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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