SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Concept Art Reveals A Spectacular, Comic Accurate Battle-Damaged Spidey

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Concept Art Reveals A Spectacular, Comic Accurate Battle-Damaged Spidey

We saw a battle-damaged Spidey in the original Spider-Man movie, but an equally comic faithful take on the wall-crawler's beaten down appearance very nearly made it into Far From Home! Check it out...

In Spider-Man: Far From Home's final battle, Peter Parker is left bruised and bloodied after battling Mysterio and his drones in London. It was a fight that pushed the web-slinger to his limits, and now, we have a downright spectacular piece of concept art from Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, the man responsible for creating Spidey's MCU look. 

This piece of imagery looks like it's been torn straight from the pages of the comic books, and is definitely reminiscent of what we saw in the final battle of 2002's Spider-Man

For some reason, there's something really cool about the sight of Spidey in a tattered suit and it's obviously been used in many of his greatest comic book adventures (his battle against Morlun at the start of JMS and John Romita Jr.'s Amazing Spider-Man run is one such example). 

Will we get to see something like this in the next movie? It's certainly possible if Spider-Man goes head to head with a bad guy like Kraven the Hunter, but time will tell on that front. 

For now, let us know your thoughts on this Far From Home artwork in the comments section.

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To check out some stills from that epic final battle in
Spider-Man: Far From Home, hit the "View List" button!

This amazing shot of Spider-Man was clearly meant to bring back memories of Iron Man, and seeing the wall-crawler in this red and black costume during the movie's final battle was a highlight. 


Where's the wall-crawler gone? Well, these "before" shots show how the environment around the hero was created and the way the VFX team started with very little and kept adding to it. 



It's awesome seeing how this illusion was created, as Mysterio takes on the biggest and most destructive "Elemental" to date. The details on that massive creature really are phenomenal, too. 


Shockingly, all of London was brought to life with visual effects in this shot, but it's no wonder when that Elemental filled pretty much the whole screen as it took over the entire city. 


This Elemental was meant to be a combination of all the others we had seen and that "before" shot really sheds some light on just how intricate the monster's design was beneath all that rubble.


Here, we see how that drone's interface was added to this shot of London Bridge, as Quentin Beck took aim at Peter Parker's friends. Be sure to head over to Art of VFX to see even more images.
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