SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Here's Everything We Know About The Spidey Sequel So Far

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Here's Everything We Know About The Spidey Sequel So Far

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Here's Everything We Know About The Spidey Sequel So Far

Production recently commenced on Sony and Marvel's follow-up to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and in the absence of some official plot details, we've gathered together everything we know about the movie so far.

Spider-Man: Far From Home recently began shooting, but unlike Wonder Woman 1984, no official stills were released to mark the occasion. We did get a few amateur shots of Tom Holland strolling around as Peter Parker, but that doesn't give us a whole lot to go on.

Fortunately, Marvel and Sony have given us a few solid tidbits over the past few months, and we've gathered 'em all together right here.

Below, you'll find everything we know about the Spidey sequel so far, along with some of the rumours that have spun out out of those reveals, and a healthy dose of speculation for good measure!

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The Title

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When Tom Holland "leaked" the title of the film, many thought he might simply have been having some fun with his reputation for spoiling Marvel-related announcements early, but no, it really is called Far From Home.

It has proved to be somewhat divisive (then again, so did Homecoming), but the title is said to have several different connotations, so perhaps fans will warm to it a little more when they learn more about the sequel's plot.

The Setting

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The most literal interpretation of the title suggest that Peter latest adventure is going to take him, well, far from home, and it has been confirmed that the movie will be set overseas in several different locations around Europe, as Parker and his pals embark on a summer holiday.

Recently, Kevin Feige confirmed that part of the film would take place in London (where it's set to shoot), and Paris is also a strong possibility.

Intriguingly, it's also been confirmed that the opening scene takes place minutes after the events of Avengers 4.

The Villain

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We're still not 100% certain that Jake Gyllenhaal will play the character (it's probably a done deal, but Feige is playing coy), but we do know that Mysterio will be the main antagonist of Far From Home.

Spidey fans have wanted to see Mysterio make his live-action debut for quite a while, but we're still not sure how this take on the villain will be depicted. In the comics, Quentin Beck - assuming that's the incarnation they go with - was a master magician and hypnotist, but had no superpowers.

There's speculation that Mysterio will be given magic-based abilities for the movie, however.

The Vulture

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Michael Keaton will reprise the role of The Vulture - but will he be friend or foe?

The Homecoming mid-credits scene seemed to suggest that Toomes had turned over a new leaf, but that may not necessarily be the case. He did choose not to reveal Spidey's true identity to Mac Gargan, but he may simply view that as returning the favour for Peter saying his life, and fully intends to return to a life of crime upon his release.

Or, perhaps he'll remain incarcerated and Peter will visit him for advice Silence of the Lambs style? We'll just have to wait and see!

The New Female Lead

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Though the character's identity remains under wraps, we do know that Far From Home will introduce a new female lead.

Rumor has it that she'll actually be a new take on Gwen Stacy that Peter will meet on his travels, but Feige seemed to play that down during a recent interview. There's also a popular theory that we may see the live-action debut of Jessica Drew, a.k.a Spider-Woman.

Of course, all of this remains pure speculation for the time being. The fact is, this new lead may not even be an established Marvel Comics character.

How do you guys think Spider-Man: Far From Home will play out? Drop us a comment in the usual place.
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