SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Spoiler Stills Feature Spidey's First Meeting With Mysterio And The "Multiverse"

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME <font color=red>Spoiler</font> Stills Feature Spidey's First Meeting With Mysterio And The "Multiverse"

In this latest batch of Spider-Man: Far From Home VFX stills, we see how key moments were created, get a closer look at the Elementals, and some hi-res shots of Mysterio's Earth and the Multiverse...

Spider-Man: Far From Home has been in theaters since last Tuesday, and now even more VFX stills have started to pop up online. We've already taken a closer look at the illusion Mysterio created to mess with Peter Parker's head, but these feature the Elementals, Mysterio's lies about the Multiverse, and show how the wall-crawler's suit was enhanced with visual effects. 

It's amazing to see just how much of an impact VFX made on the Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios movie, and it's definitely interesting to get a closer look at what Quentin Beck claimed was his world. 

There's also a mind-blowing image featuring Nick Fury which you would have never guessed was enhanced with VFX (which just goes to show how good the VFX houses are at what they do now).

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Molten Man looks awesome in the movie, and while the Elemental is far more monstrous than his human comic book counterpart, his inclusion results in one heck of an action sequence. 

The Hydro-Man sequence in Far From Home was a highlight, and it was definitely impressive seeing him attack somwhere like Venice and hard not to wince as it destroyed the ancient city.

This isn't Sandman, but it's easy enough to see why some fans thought it might be when the trailer was released. With any luck, we will get to see another version of that villain down the line. 

This massive Elemental attacks London at the end of the movie and is a truly terrifying threat...of course, we quickly learn that it's been brought to life courtesy of Mysterio's "illusion" powers.


Considering the fact that the original Spider-Man movies and even The Amazing Spider-Man reboot used practical costumes, it's crazy to see what a difference VFX makes to the suit in the MCU.


Mysterio isn't really from the Multiverse but he does a great job of convincing us and Peter that he is. Here, we see what he claims to be the portal that both he and the Elementals travelled through.


When you're watching a movie like this, it's easy to forget just how many visual effects are included to enhance what we're seeing on screen and this is obviously a perfect example of that. 


Mysterio claimed that the Elementals were his planet's version of mythical legends and it was definitely a convincing story (but probably still not enough to convince comic fans he's a hero).


In this shot, Peter learns that Mysterio's world was destroyed by the fire Elemental and it's certainly a pretty devastating backstory, and no great surprise that the wall-crawler bought into it. 


It's crazy to think that this fairly simply scene was mostly made up of VFX. Neither the hotel room nor Fury's gun were entirely real, but you would never have guessed that while watching the film.


For reasons that aren't entirely clear, VFX was used to swap out Jake Gyllenhaal in his street clothes for him in costume as Mysterio; perhaps a creative change was made to the scene?


Not a huge amount of Spider-Man: Far From Home was actually shot on location and filming primarily took place in London's Leavesdon Studios, hence why there's so much green screen.


Only a minor change has been made here and that's to Peter's E.D.I.T.H. glasses. It's a neat touch, and makes them look all the more impressive while on screen as he utilises the technology. 

Many thanks to Rising Sun Pictures for the images used throughout this post.
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