SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Spoiler Stills Highlight Mysterio And Peter Parker's Battle With Hydro-Man

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME <font color=red>Spoiler</font> Stills Highlight Mysterio And Peter Parker's Battle With Hydro-Man

In this latest batch of spoiler stills from Spider-Man: Far From Home, we get to see Mysterio's arrival in Venice as he and Peter Parker attempt to stop Hydro-Man from laying waste to the ancient city...

Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially passed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office, and that's a very good sign that Marvel Studios' partnership with Sony Pictures will continue for the foreseeable future (despite rumours to the contrary). 

After all, Kevin Feige and company taking creative control of the wall-crawler has really helped to bring the the franchise the type of success it never managed to achieve in the past, and it's now going to be a lot of fun seeing where things go next for Peter Parker after his identity was revealed to the world.

Now, another batch of spoiler stills have been revealed and these put the spotlight on Mysterio's arrival in Venice as he poses as a hero and Peter Parker is forced to race into action. 

These are all really spectacular, and if you're a fan of Quentin Beck, then there are some great, wallpaper worthy shots here. To check out this gallery, hit the "View List" button below!

Mysterio certainly did a pretty convincing job fooling everyone, and while he never explained where his powers were supposed to have come from, it looks like they're meant to be magic-based.

Hydro-Man was, of course, an illusion and some eagle-eyed fans have claimed that Peter Parker doesn't actually get wet the first time he's hit by the Elemental because it's obviously not real.

Mysterio managed to take down Hydro-Man by tearing it in half, and it was a pretty impressive piece of imagery on the villain's part. Peter, meanwhile, was busy holding a building together. 

A throwaway comment from Flash Thompson later in the movie seemingly confirmed that Morris Bench does exist in the MCU and that he has hydro powers. Perhaps we'll see him return one day? 

For now, though, this is the MCU's version of "Hydro-Man" and you have to give director Jon Watts credit for coming up with such a clever way to incorporate classic Spider-Man villains here. 


Hydro-Man is an impressive looking creation and suitably terrifying. Having this battle set in Venice was genius idea, and one that led to one of the franchise's most enjoyable action sequences.

It was a shame that Peter wasn't more actively involved in the battle against Hydro-Man, but this sequence needed to show the full extent of Mysterio's powers and the threat of the Elementals.

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from Spidey and Mysterio's battle against Molten Man!


Spider-Man's stealth suit looked spectacular on the big screen, and considerably better than what we saw in set photos. This shot with the fireworks in the background is downright stunning.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures didn't shy away from showing this suit in the trailers and it's been all over the place in terms of merchandise. They're missing a trick not selling those goggles! 

We later learned that this was all an illusion, and in order to fool Peter Parker into handing over E.D.I.T.H., Quentin Beck pretends that he's going to sacrifice himself to stop this Elemental. 

That is, of course, Molten Man and while this version of the character is a lot different to the one in the comics, there's a very good chance that Mark Raxton still exists as this was just an illusion!

As redesigns go, Molten Man looked great and was probably the most impressive Elemental in the movie. Mysterio claimed that it was responsible for destroying his Earth, and that's believable!

Spider-Man hadn't mastered his Spider-Sense at this point in the film so we see him here on the run from Molten Man as he attempts to help Beck bring an end to the Elemental threat for good.

The level of detail on Molten Man is outstanding and a testamant to just how hard VFX companies like Luma work to bring characters like this to life. The whole sequence was a standout. 

Given the moniker "Night Monkey" by Ned to stop Betty from figuring out that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are both in Prague, here we see the web-slinger attempting to save them from Molten Man.


This is, of course, the Elemental that Peter and MJ discovered in the part of the drone that she recovered from the Molten Man battle and what led Spidey to realising that Mysterio is a fraud.
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