SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Spoilers - All The Major New Details We Learned From The Recent Set Visits

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME <font color=red>Spoilers</font> - All The Major New Details We Learned From The Recent Set Visits

Journalists recently visited the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and we've now rounded up all the biggest new details, including intel on Hydro-Man, J.B. Smoove's character, Mysterio's plans, and more...

Spider-Man: Far From Home will introduce the Multiverse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that's going to have some game-changing consequences moving forward. 

Recently, a number of journalists were invited to the set of the Marvel Studios sequel and a huge number of new details have now been revealed, including fresh intel on the Elementals, whether the filmmakers ever considered ditching Mysterio's fishbowl helmet, where in the world the movie takes place, and the identities of a number of new cast additions. 

We also have news on a big twist, the Sinister Six, Nick Fury, and some key plot points. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home can't get here soon enough, and these details should get you even more excited about the sequel. So, to check them out, simply hit the "View List" button below. 

J.B. Smoove Is NOT Playing J. Jonah Jameson


Ever since he was first cast, speculation has been running rampant that J.B. Smoove may had landed the role of J. Jonah Jameson. It was only yesterday that we learned from one of the movie's producers that they have plans for The Daily Bugle but it's now been confirmed that it won't be Smoove who brings the fan-favourite newspaper publisher to life in the MCU.

Instead, he'll be taking on the role Mr. Bell, a high school teacher chaperoning that trip overseas alongside Martin Starr's Mr. Harrington. The idea to cast him reportedly came from Audi commercials he did with Tom Holland for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

That's Not Hydro-Man Or Molten Man


The monstrous Elementals in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers may have been dubbed "Hydro-Man" and "Molten Man" in merchandise, but that's not who they are. Instead, they're simply inspired by the comic book villains (which obviously leaves the door open for the proper versions to be introduced somewhere down the line). 

It's said that the Elementals are appearing around the globe, and this is what Nick Fury is attempting to stop. Because they can't simply be webbed up or punched, it's really going to test Peter's intelligence when it comes to finding ways to put an end to them.

Is Mysterio Going To Betray Spider-Man?


Ever comic book fan out there knows that Mysterio is a bad guy, so him betraying Peter Parker is a given, right? Well, Eric Carroll insists that he'll be an ally to the hero throughout the sequel and made an interesting comparison to Baron Mordo's MCU story arc. 

"Similar to what we did with Mordo in Doctor Strange, we wanted to give [Peter and Quentin] time to have a relationship so that when, if we get into doing something different with Mysterio, it really feels like a betrayal. Not unlike Chiwetel [Ejiofor], we've got this amazing actor, we really want to do something interesting with him, we think we have this fun new in for it and we're hopefully setting the stage for something really spectacular and which feels really Spider-Man. “Again, if we get to something else with this character, they've already got this really personal relationship."

Spider-Man's Stealth Suit


Spidey will reportedly wear the Stealth Suit for a large chunk of the movie and he dons it because he's concerned that people will start connecting the dots if the wall-crawler keeps appearing during this field trip. The costume is apparently inspired by the "Noir" and "Big Time" storylines, and those goggles help Peter focus. However, they flip up to make the young hero look a little less cool. 

How Aunt May Reacts To Peter Being Spider-Man


At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Aunt May learned that her nephew is secretly a superhero, but it doesn't sound like she's trying to stop Peter from suiting up. Instead, she's become something of an activist who wants him to be the wall-crawler pretty much 24/7 so he can help with charitable causes.

That should be a fun dynamic, and it's better than her discouraging him!

We Were Always Getting The Fishbowl Helmet


Mysterio would not have been Mysterio without the "fishbowl" helmet, and director Jon Watts confesses that they "tried a couple different things" before admitting that "the second you take the fishbowl away, it stops being Mysterio. That's one of the key visual concepts that make him Mysterio."
Carroll, meanwhile, adds: "Between Ryan and Kevin [Feige], there's no world where we could’ve brought him to the big screen and be allowed to do it without the fishbowl. Obviously we don't want to cover this guy's face the whole time so it does retract, not unlike Robert Downey's Iron Man helmet, but it's there and it's cool."

There's Going To Be A Twist


One of the most memorable moments in Spider-Man: Homecoming came when Peter Parker learned that The Vulture was Liz's dad. Holland, however, promises an even bigger twist in this sequel. 

"There's a scene in this film where audiences will feel like they've been punched in the face. Even filming it, I remember walking out and then watching it again on the monitors and asked Jon, ‘Are you sure that's okay?’ And he's like, ‘No, it's not. People are going to hate this scene.’ It's pretty crazy. And it's very similar in the way that it's very tense and rips the rug from beneath your feet."

The Stakes Are Much Bigger Than In Homecoming


At its core, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a very personal tale which featured Peter Parker trying to stop a weapons dealer. The Elementals are a much greater threat, however, and that means the wall-crawler is going to be working alongside Mysterio to try to save the world from disaster.

"The world is at risk in this film," Holland reveals. "Vulture was sort of low-level crime. It was sort of under the radar. Not too many people knew about it, but this is a worldwide event. The stakes are much higher for him, and I think he understands that, meaning he really has to show up and bring his A game."

MJ's New Love Interest


It's now been confirmed that Remy Hill is playing Brad Davis (who did indeed date Mary Jane Watson in the comic books for a time) and he's going to be romantically linked to MJ in this movie.

That doesn't sit particularly well with Peter, especially as he initially thinks he and Ned will be two single guys living it up in Europe...until Ned winds up dating Betty by the time they go!

The Dynamic Between Spider-Man And Mysterio


So, if these two really will be allies in Far From Home, what can we expect from their dynamic? Peter isn't necessarily looking for a new mentor but the death of Tony Stark has obviously left a huge void in his life, and that's one Quentin Beck could end up filling according to Tom Holland. 

"It's very much big brother/little brother," the actor explains. "And Nick Fury is the head teacher who is constantly telling me off. Because I don't really want to be there. I want to go on holiday. And Mysterio is always the one sort of sticking up for me and patting me on the back and telling me I'm doing a good job. There are some really funny moments in the film where I feel like I haven't done a good job and Mysterio's like, ‘Good job, kid!’"

Road Trip!


So, where exactly does Spider-Man: Far From Home take us? 

Things kick off in Mexico in the aftermath of one of the Elementals' attacks and then move to New York City. From there, the webbed warrior travels to Venice, the Alps in Switzerland, Prague for a battle with Molten Man, Berlin, a small Dutch village where Spidey reportedly runs through the tulips, and finally London for the movie's final battle. 
Far From Home is clearly going to be a globe-trotting affair.

Peter Parker's Rivalry With Brad


According to Carroll, Brad is that typical guy in high school that someone like Peter Parker would hate. "He always has something funny to say, and he's read all the same books as MJ — or at least he lies and says he's read all the same books as MJ," he explains before adding that Brad doesn't bully Peter and is instead just someone who has basically stolen the girl he likes. 

That, unfortunately, leads to some jealousy and the wall-crawler nearly makes a costly mistake. "Peter has some technology after meeting up with Nick Fury and tries to use that to make Brad look bad," the producer reveals. "He almost blows up his bus with some weaponized drones."

Mysterio's Super Suit


While Mysterio's costume is clearly comic book accurate, the MCU version is actually inspired by a number of heroes, including Thor, Iron Man, The Vision, and Black Panther. While the FX team notes that it was "just to keep it all in the same realm, to see that this little superhero lives in the same world as the rest," various outlets report that Quentin Beck is clearly inspired by The Avengers. 

Ned Is Still The Guy In The Chair, But Will He Become The Hobgoblin?


"Betty is a very important part of his life at this moment because it's the first relationship he's had. As a teenager, he values that very highly above a lot of things. But he still loves being the guy in the chair," Jacob Batalon explains when asked about Ned's role. "He's just on this different tip now. He's all of a sudden thinking about girls and all these things and how this vacation is his beginning of a new chapter of pubescent living…He’s still the fun-loving kid, just has this other thing on his mind."

As for what may come next for Ned, Batalon is open to seeing Ned embrace the villainous nature of his comic book counterpart by suiting up as the Hobgoblin. "To be completely honest, yes, I would love to do that," he revealed. "That seems like such a fun process as an actor to go through. At the same time, Ned's just a really sweet guy. I definitely don't see that [happening], but I'm not saying I couldn't do it. I could definitely pull my best villain out. I'd love to."

Happy Hogan's Bond With Spider-Man


Happy Hogan will grow closer with Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home according to Jon Favreau, but Tony Stark's older friend may struggle to deal with those high school kids. "I was the Nick Fury of Homecoming. Now I'm more the Hagrid of Far From Home," he joked about his new responsibilities. "But I'm having a lot of fun."

Spider-Man's Dynamic With Nick Fury


"I always wanted to put our idealistic teenage hero Peter Parker against a jaded world-weary super spy like Nick Fury," Watts explains. "I always thought that would be such a great combination of conflict and relationship to explore. That was something that was in my very, very, very first pitch and my very first meeting at Marvel. I was like, 'I want to see this kid go up against this bad motherf*cker.' You know?"
"Tony Stark is like the cool, supportive rich uncle," the filmmaker continued. "Nick Fury is more like the mean, new stepdad. And I just thought it would be really fun to see those two worlds collide." Of course, there is some speculation that it's not even Nick Fury who Peter ends up working with...it's Chameleon!

Is Numan Acar's Dmitri Really The Chameleon


While no one would confirm whether Numan Acar is playing Chameleon, Watts did drop some hints about the character's identity in Spider-Man: Far From Home. "Well, Dmitri in the film works for Nick Fury and I think anyone who works for Nick Fury, they certainly have a mysterious past," the filmmaker teased. "We're not specifically saying that he's...but we're not not saying." 

What About The Sinister Six?


The hope is that the movie will continue to introduce Spider-Man villains so the Sinister Six forms in the third instalment of the Marvel Studios franchise, but when executive producer Eric Carroll was asked about that, he made it clear it's not something they're necessarily planning...right now. 
"I don't know some of these plans for what's going forward. I do know that, obviously, getting someone like Jake to do a role like Beck is something we definitely think sets some really fun things up. But as to specifics, right now, I think everyone thinks we're dodging these questions -- and I especially don't want to speak to Sony's plans -- but we kind of take these movies one at a time. If we have that right idea, I think that's something audiences would love for sure. I do think it's something people have been wanting for a long time. So, I can't imagine it's not somebody's dream project? But it's not something we're specifically building to at the moment."

Many thanks to Collider and Fandango for the information used in this article.
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