Find Out How Lex Luthor Will AGAIN Show Up in MAN OF STEEL - SPOILERS Ahead!

Find Out How Lex Luthor Will AGAIN Show Up in MAN OF STEEL - <font color="red">SPOILERS Ahead!</font>

He's been the main villain in almost every Superman movie since the beginning. We had hoped that Superman's infamous foe would NOT appear in Man of Steel, but according to a fanboy who supposedly screened the movie, he does exert some influence in MOS. Follow the jump if you dare.

According to someone who has viewed the film, Lex Luthor does NOT appear in the movie but he is however a presence felt throughout. Similarly as with Norman Osborn in TASM, Lex Luthor is working on an AI formula which may explain what direction the sequel to MOS will go...

He's never shown but he is referenced in the way Norman Osborn is referenced in ASM. They state in the movie that he is working on a new AI that will "revolutionize technology unlike anything Metropolis has ever seen.

Could this be the introduction of Braniac?

And what of the robots Superman will battle?

Yes he does. They slightly resemble the robots from Sucker Punch but look way more realistic and not like cheap CG cartoons like SP. I was sort of let down that they didn't really give him much of a fight and were mainly a "test" from Zod to see if he were truly the son of Jor-El.

So what do ya all think? Lex Luthor developing AI that could possibly lead to him and Brainiac being set up for the sequel...sounds intriguing! Post your thoughts in the usual place!

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