Five overlooked moments in The Amazing Spider-Man

Five overlooked moments in The Amazing Spider-Man

I go over five moments that I feel are overlooked among the comicbook crowd in The Amazing Spider-Man

It's no secret that I am a supporter of, The Amazing Spider-Man, a film that has fans split down the middle. That being said, I recently found an article where the writer feels that TASM is on par with Spidey 3. Well, that's a lie to most and myself. But, it's an opinion. Here are five moments in The Amazing Spider-Man that I feel are over looked.

Uncle Ben's message

Probably in my top five favorite scenes in the film. People complain about "great power comes great responsibility" not being in the film. So what? I don't want to hear the same thing again. I'm not catch a lot of backlash for this but, I prefer this over the "great power" line. It's more inspirational and in the film, it never feels forced.

After Uncle Ben's death

It's a very saddening scene. Between Peter trying to listen to Uncle Ben's message, the incident at school and the music James Horner plays during the scene. It all blends together very well and probably one of the best scenes in the whole film. It overpowers (in my opinion, despite my love for the original trilogy) anything that the original trilogy did, emotionally.

Crane Scene

A lot of people found this scene to be cheesey. I never got that feeling. It found it to be a very triumphant moment for Spider-Man. It was neatly done and well paced. When people find this scene to remind them of a scene in the original Spider-Man film, I think they're just over looking it.

"Not choice, responsibility"

People found the end of this scene funny, I don't see how. I found it to be a very tense scene. It displays the hurt that Peter has been going through since his parents left. It is a very touching scene. I also prefer this over the "great power" line.

"I created him"

This scene and pretty much the whole movie had something that I felt was deeply lacking in the original trilogy (outside of the Daily Bugle). Chemistry. I don't feel any chemistry between the actors at all. Especially between Tobey and Kirsten. This scene was a very intimate, important scene but also is filled with chemistry between the two lead actors.

Well, that's it folks. Comment below and be respectful when you speak your opinions.
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