Fun Rumor I Heard About The Amazing Spider Man

Fun Rumor I Heard About The Amazing Spider Man

Not news at all but a fun rumor I heard from some out of the loop fans around campus

WARNING: If you take things too seriously, this article is not for you!

Earlier today I happened to be at the union on campus when a group of guys sat down at the table next to me. Oddly enough they happened to be talking about the Marvel movies, The Avengers, and other up coming Comic Book Movies. Sadly, they were all very misinformed. But being curious and kind of a creeper, I decided to listen in and see if anything they said was something I haven't heard yet.

Now just to start off, I found out later on that none of these guys go around looking for information on sites like this. They never really said where they heard these "rumors" but they claimed to be telling others around campus the "news".

So, getting into the "rumors".

1. They claimed that they heard that the new Spider-Man movie was going to be part of the newly formed Marvel Cinematic Universe. They claimed (which makes since if you haven't read anything contrary) that it only makes sense that this Spider-Man movie was part of the universe or why else would it be being made so soon after the last series of Spider-Man movies. One of them also said that he had read something on the internet saying that this Spider-Man movie was taking more of the Ultimate route, much like the other Marvel Studios movies.

Obviously, where they were wrong on this is that Spider-Man can't be in the MCU because he is owned by another studio. As much sense as they made, they were just horribly misinformed. But, being a nice guy and not wanting to crush them, I didn't say anything about how wrong they were or anything.

2. Similar to the Spider-Man rumor, they also talked about the new Wolverine movie would lead into the MCU, also. They said that they heard that this film was ignoring the previous movie (which is right) and that they wanted to make a real Wolverine movie. A few of them said that because of Wolverine and Spider-Man being introduced in this new Universe, that Marvel had a plan to make Avengers 2 into a New Avengers movie instead of just having the same characters from the first movie. They made sense honestly stating that if they were to make a second Avengers movie, why not have a different team. That way the first Avengers team could break apart and have their own movies afterward.

I then asked them about the other New Avenger members like the Thing, Luke Cage and Miss Marvel. Oddly enough, they had heard rumors about a new Fantastic Four movie that woudl also be in the MCU, as well as a Luke Cage movie staring the OLD SPICE GUY! I know I know, its fun! They also had said that they heard a rumor about the Kree-Skrull War in the Avengers movie and that Marvel would introduce Miss Marvel that way.

All in all, as misinformed about some of these rumors as they were, these plans would make sense and honestly, if all of these properties were part of the MCU, this movie could be a possibility.

I just thought y'all would have a nice little chuckle out of this. I sometimes forget (because i frequent this website daily) that other fans don't always have the best information and this is how "rumors" like these end up happening. It is weird to think how many people really have no idea what the hell is really going on with these movies outside of the community of people that come to this site and others like it.

Let me know that y'all think
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