Has Spidey's Origin Been Drastically Altered In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?

Has Spidey's Origin Been Drastically Altered In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?

Some apparent hints in the new trailer have led Devin Farcai of Badass Digest to spill some info he has been sitting on. According to him there is much more to Parker's powers than the bite from the spider. Possible SPOILER ahead..

It's been clear in all of the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man that this take on the character would be delving much more into the mysteries surrounding his past and his parents. But the latest trailer really hammers it home, and this has prompted Devin Farcai to reveal something he has (apparently) gleaned from some reliable sources..

Three sources have told me this, but I held it. I didn't see the point in running it now, when the movie has been shot and edited and is ready to go. Nothing can be changed. But then the new trailer hits today and all but spells this out, so what the hell, here we go:

Spider-Man's origin has been changed in The Amazing Spider-Man. The spider bite no longer gives Peter powers, it rather activates something already in his genetic structure. Something placed there by his father. Peter Parker is no longer super-powered by chance, but rather by design.

Now, this may not sound like too big a change but think about it. In many ways the whole point of the character is that he is an every-day kid gifted with these great powers by sheer chance, and is then forced to come to terms with and take responsibility for them, growing into a hero in the process. If the above alteration is true (and Farcai claims his sources are on the level) then this puts a very different spin on things. So what do you think guys, deal breaker? Or an exciting addition to the character's origin?

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