It Sounds Like Donald Glover's Prowler Definitely Has A Future In The MCU But What About Miles Morales?

It Sounds Like Donald Glover's Prowler Definitely Has A Future In The MCU But What About Miles Morales?

Donald Glover had a small but memorable role in Spider-Man: Homecoming but it sounds like his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from over. The question is, will it involve Miles Morales?

Donald Glover had a small role as Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming and while you might think his bit part didn't mean a whole lot, fans of the comic books will know that Aaron is better known as The Prowler. He's been both a friend and foe to Peter Parker over the years and with this version looking for tech, the signs do appear to be pointing to him suiting up on screen in the near future.

In a lengthy chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the trade notes that Glover is "not ruling out a future with Spider-Man" and reveal that it was Jon Watts who reached out to him specifically for the role.

Here's an excerpt from their report in which the trade also speculates on the possibility of a movie revolving around Miles Morales. We've not heard any rumours about that but perhaps they have! 

"In fact, it was Homecoming director Jon Watts who approached Glover, no longer age-appropriate for the part of Spidey, to play a small but meaningful role, which could prove more significant if the studio decides to greenlight a rumored spinoff about Miles Morales, the nephew of Glover's character. "If you don't do [the part]," Watts told Glover before Homecoming, "we aren't going to [include] it."

Marvel and Sony have plans for a trilogy of films revolving around Tom Holland's Spider-Man and there's an animated feature in the works revolving around Miles Morales. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has, however, revealed that there was a reason for that mention of Aaron's nephew and so it will be interesting to see if and when that pays off. What would you like to see from The Prowler? 
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