SPOILERS: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Director Jon Watts On That Surprising Mid-Credits Scene

<font color="red">SPOILERS:</font> SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Director Jon Watts On That Surprising Mid-Credits Scene

In a new interview, Jon Watts elaborates on what was going on between certain characters in the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you haven't seen the movie yet, massive SPOILERS ahead...

As we've already detailed here, Spider-Man: Homecoming's mid-credits scene involved Mac Gargan approaching a newly incarcerated Adrian Toomes in the hopes of discovering Spidey's secret identity and sending some boys around to "cut his throat."

However, despite being filled with a desire to get revenge on the hero earlier on in the movie, Toomes seemingly has a change of heart and decides to keep Peter's secret.

Though it was always possible The Vulture had a more nefarious or selfish (his daughter was involved with Parker, after all) motive for this, director Jon Watts has confirmed that he did indeed do his young nemesis a solid for saving his life during their climactic battle on the beach:

“That’s what is cool — he gets a moment of redemption and he gets to protect Peter, even though Peter would never know. It’s his way of saying thank you.

It was a really interesting thing in the development of the story. You couldn’t just rely on the tropes of the villain being a murderer and killing a bunch of people. He had to be redeemable in some capacity in the end and that he believes everything he said, especially about his family. So it was a really fine walk to create a villain that still has that moment of redemption in the end.”

The scene also suggests that we might see The Vulture again, and although Michael Keaton has reportedly only signed on for one appearance, Watts does state that "Toomes definitely could come back.”

Tell us, have you been to see Spider-man: Homecoming yet? If so, what did you think of this sequence? Sound off below.
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