The Vulture Looks Even More Terrifying (And Bald) In Newly Surfaced SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Concept Art

The Vulture Looks Even More Terrifying (And Bald) In Newly Surfaced SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Concept Art

The Vulture Looks Even More Terrifying (And Bald) In Newly Surfaced SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Concept Art

The Vulture sported a unique look in Spider-Man: Homecoming but it turns out that he could have looked even more different based on this concept art featuring alternate masks, costumes...and hairstyles!

After Sony's disastrous Amazing Spider-Man movies, the wall-crawler's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe led to fans breathing a long overdue sigh of relief. Since then, the hero has taken on a leading role in this shared world with a solo adventure in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Simply put, it's a pretty spectacular time to be a fan of this character. 

While it remains to be seen what comes next for Peter when he next appears on our screens, we're now taking a look back at his first adventure in the MCU to see how different things could have been.

The Vulture was a surprising choice of first villain for Spider-Man in this shared world but the casting of Michael Keaton ensured it worked and seeing the wall-crawler do battle with Adrian Toomes proved to be a lot of fun. He didn't look a whole lot like his comic book counterpart but his appearance was clearly inspired by the source material and he ended up looking extremely formidable on screen.

However, The Vulture could have looked a whole lot different as is evident from this spectacular new batch of concept art from the movie. From different maks designs to a comic accurate hairstyle, these are all very cool and you can check out the full list by clicking either one of the buttons below.

That's Quite A Beak

This brings back memories of the Green Goblin's mask in Spider-Man 3 and while the version on the left is clearly meant to make us think of a beak, it would have been strange to look at in live-action.

The Vulture Goes Bald

Adrian Toomes wasn't exactly rocking a mullet in Spider-Man: Homecoming but he wasn't bald either and it just so happened that the villain was quite a bit younger than his comic book counterpart too.

A Terrifying Shot Of The Villain

This is a stunning piece of imagery and one which was translated onto screen perfectly. The Vulture has been portrayed comically at points in the comics so Marvel giving him an edge was a smart move.

Who Is This Supposed To Be?

This is certainly unique but I'm not entirely sure what Marvel was going for here as there's nothing about this mask that really screams "vulture." It's a cool design but not the best you'll see here.

The Vulture's Costume






Giving The Vulture a flight suit was a nice way to pay homage to the source material. Let's face it, he's a villain with a costume which wouldn't have worked on screen but these most definitely do.

No Wings, No Problem

A nice establishing shot of The Vulture, he may not have his wings here but he still looks really cool and it's fair to say Marvel ultimately found a look for this character which worked really well.

Ready For Battle

While Marvel may have borrowed various design elements form the characters Toomes salvaged his suit from, the minor touches here ensure that the villain looks unique and extremely formidable.

The Mask






Marvel Studios clearly put a lot of thought into how The Vulture's mask would look and while the first few designs above just play around with the eyes, the rest make him look totally unrecognisable.

The Wings



Marvel clearly decided early on how The Vulture's wings were going to work and here we see a few different takes on them. However, they're all very much the same and pretty damn cool.

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