When You Can Expect To See Reviews of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

When You Can Expect To See Reviews of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Many fans have waited with baited breath to see how Marvel handles the web-slinger, and now it seems we have a concrete time as to when the first buzz on the film will arrive. Read on to find out more!

Following the gigantic announcement that Sony and Disney would be partnering up to create a new, fresh take on Spider-Man that would take place in the cinematic universe, fans have been excited. Following his minor role in Captain America: Civil War, the excitement continued to grow. Well in just four short weeks the film will be upon us, and with much speculation abound, it seems we finally know when the first reactions are going to hit the web.

According to Matt Casillas of Silver Screen Beat, fans can expect both social media reactions and full reviews over a week before the films release, on June 29th.

While releasing reviews early before the film's domestic debut is typical for Marvel in the past, the timing of Spider-Man's review release has an interesting new wrinkle: unlike other Marvel Studios releases, Spider-Man: Homecoming does not have an international release a week in advance, so (unlike with other releases), reviews being released so early is not necessary. It seems Marvel and Sony have a lot of confidence in the newest incarnation of the hero, and that it seems likely that he is up to snuff with Marvel's other releases. Earlier this week early tracking put the threeboot at an estimate of a 90-100 million opening weekend, but with good reviews its more than possible that could buffed to even higher.

What are your thoughts on this review embargo? Do you think Marvel and Sony are right to be so confident in the film, or will their hubris come back to bite them

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