SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - All The Biggest Reveals And Easter Eggs From The Spectacular New Trailer

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - All The Biggest Reveals And Easter Eggs From The Spectacular New Trailer

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - All The Biggest Reveals And Easter Eggs From The Spectacular New Trailer

The epic first full-length trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swung its way online earlier today and now we're taking an in-depth look at everything it reveals about the upcoming animated movie.

Earlier today, Sony released the first full-length trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. While the teaser pointed to the animated feature being something special, it's clear now that this could very well be one of 2018's best superhero movies and there's going to be a whole lot more to it than initially met the eye. Now, we're taking a look at this preview to decode its biggest secrets and best Easter Eggs.

Miles Morales is 
a character fans have wanted to see on the big screen for quite some time now and while it's a shame that won't be in a live-action setting, this movie could very well be a game changer. 

After all, it boasts a diverse cast, stunning animation, and plenty for comic book fans to get excited about. So, to check out all of the trailer's biggest moments, most interesting reveals, and Easter Eggs, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button. Once you're done, share your thoughts below.

Miles's Family Life

It appears as if Into the Spider-Verse will follow the comic books fairly closely as Jefferson Morales being a police officer for the NYPD has been lifted straight out of those. Whether or not his uncle will have a shady past remains to be seen but it definitely appears as if Miles's family life is pretty happy but his father's dislike of Spider-Man is bound to cause an issue for the younger when he suits up.

Another Universe

Spider-Man clearly exists in Miles's world but his narration points to us possibly exploring others in this movie; when he says that ours only has one wall-crawler, is he referring to the one played by Tom Holland? It definitely appears as if we're going to end up seeing a lot of different spider themed heroes over the course of this adventure and the title obviously points to that being the case here as well. 

Green Goblin

The Ultimate comics have always portrayed the Green Goblin as something of a monster but this movie's version is a far cry from the 616 version of Norman Osborn. Boasting a pair of wings and the ability to throw fire from his hands, he's a true beast and more than a match for the wall-crawler, something which could result in the two superheroes needing to team up in order to take him down.

Peter Meets Miles

The first meeting between Peter Parker and Miles Morales sees the former immediately realise that the youngster is the same as him; the question is, is that because they're somehow connected? It would definitely be interesting seeing their origin stories connected in some way here and seeing as there's a mystical side to the hero's powers, that could be explored when Into the Spider-Verse is released.

The Spider

The trailer confirms that Miles Morales was also bitten by a spider, something which is hardly a surprise but does confirm that Sony is following the source material to at least some degree. In the comics, an Oscorp scientist managed to recreate the spider which bit Peter Parker and that found its way into Aaron Davis' duffel bag (Miles's uncle, a.k.a. The Prowler) before escaping and giving Miles his powers.

Spider-Man's Lair?

It looks like Peter Parker is quite the expert when it comes to protecting New York City as he seemingly has a lair which houses a number of costumes he can wear. This isn't dissimilar to what happened during Dan Slott's run when the hero created a number of different suits to tackle his foes but it doesn't appear as if the makeshift one Miles first dons is one of those as it looks pretty shoddy!

A Very Different Peter Parker

This Peter appears to be something of a deadbeat but he's still very much a hero and pretty good at what he does based on what we see here. It also seems as if he's been doing this for a while if the greys in his hair are any indication so giving him a mentor-type role makes sense. This is a departure from the comics, though, because Miles first surfaced in the months following Spider-Man's demise.

The Prowler

At one point in the trailer, Spider-Man (the Peter version, not Miles) can be seen doing battle with a pretty fierce looking version of The Prowler. The question is, is it Aaron Davis behind the mask? He's Miles's uncle and quite the villain but whether or not Into the Spider-Verse will have time to delve into this sort of family drama remains to be seen, especially as it looks like the movie is an ensemble.

The Kingpin

In a blink and you'll miss itmoment, it seems as if The Kingpin will definitely be part of this movie. Unfortunately for the mob boss, it seems as if he'll be on the receiving end of some sort of explosive attack (perhaps the Green Goblin is responsible given his fiery powers). While Wilson Fisk is being used by Marvel in Daredevil, he's also been a Spider-Man villain which explains why he can be used here.

Miles's Powers

Despite being young, Miles Morales is still clearly quite formidable and we see that, like his comic book counterpart, he has the ability to turn invisible! That should lead to some pretty unique scenes, especially as it's something we haven't seen in a Spider-Man movie before now. Despite this, it's clear that he's going to be trained up by Peter Parker before becoming a full-fledged hero in this movie.

Comic Book Inspiration

The teaser trailer for Into the Spider-Verse made it clear that the movie will be using visuals inspired by the comic books and we get to see more of that in this sneak peek as word bubbles pop up on screen alongside various other effects which are bound to remind fans of the source material. Just how much it will ultimately commit to this remains to be seen but it should be a whole lot of fun finding out.


What an awesome surprise this was! Spider-Gwen's popularity has soared since she made her comic book debut, so you can't blame Sony for including her in this movie. This definitely points to Into the Spider-Verse exploring the, well, Spider-Verse and I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see everyone from Spider-Man Noir to Spider-Punk show up here. Who will be the first to receive a spinoff, though?


At the end of the trailer, Spider-Man tells Miles that he needs to wait until Comic-Con before finding out just how many other spider-powered superheroes will appear in Into the Spider-Verse. This is a fourth wall break that even Deadpool would be proud of but it may also point to us getting some big reveals in San Diego next month, something which makes sense as Sony can really push it there.

The Voice Cast

Alongside the release of the trailer, Sony also confirmed some big casting additions. We're going to see Shameik Moore as Miles Morales, Jake Johnson as Peter Parker, Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy, Mahershala Ali as Miles' uncle Aaron, Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson, Luna Lauren Velez as Rio, and Lily Tomlin as Peter Park's beloved Aunt May. Oh, and Liev Schreiber will be voicing Wilson Fisk.
What did you guys think of the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer? Did you spot anything we've missed? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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