Is Colm Feore Playing Robbie Robertson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Is Colm Feore Playing Robbie Robertson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Yes it sounds crazy, but at least read the article, hear me out. I may be a nut, but it's still fun to speculate right?

I'm here to give you people a different kind of theory on for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that really just crossed my mind. After the pictures of the daily bugle trucks popping around the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the picture relased to go along with the website known as

Now this makes me think a total of two things, the first thing being an interview with Marc Webb from a while ago claiming that he would be up to the idea of having JK Simmons be back as Jameson you can check out the article to that here Now notice he never outright said oh no that will never happen its impossible new series and so forth, However he claims you never know, which is kind of the typical we'll see type of answer, at the time i dismissed this as just yeah it aint happening, but now that we have seen the new spider-man costume and how it is so similar to the raimi costume even down to the raised webbing it makes me think. If they are willing to bring a similar costume from that series back, and the one big thing fans want is jk simmons back in The Amazing Spider-Man series what is stopping sony from doing it? Marc Webb wants to do it, Simmons wants to do it, the fans want it, I could see them doing this as a way to make the fans happy. And now of course my second thing, if Colm Feore is not playing jameson, then who is he playing?

Now I would like to repeat this is just a theory and this is coming from me not having seen anything that I can remember with colm feore in it, I don't know if he plays characters more similar to jameson or robbie, but what gets me is this. Colm Feore to me and looking at his movie roles looks and seems like he would be the rational quiet employee meant to keep jameson quiet. Now of course people will bring up, well if he is robbie then why was he brought up in the synoposis? Maybe they are trying to let us know he is in the movie but not in a really huge role, and are trying to keep the fact that they got simmons back a secret, maybe try to supprise the fans when they see the trailer or movie, I mean what better way to get fans of the original series back then by getting the one thing everybody loved about it? Now they are also shooting scenes at the bugle soon according to online sources (Whom i can't name as sevenwebheads mentioned it in his video). We haven't seen Feore on set yet, or Felicity Jones for that matter, they are also keeping her role a secret. But people are speculating that she is betty brant, which if they are trying to keep the bugle a secret it makes sense.

Now i know what you will all bring up so ill address it quickly, Robbie is black, Colm Feore is white. True, but look at perry white in man of steel for example, white man in the comics, black man in the movie, and to stay relevant, electro, white in the comics, black in the movie. Now alot of you might aruge that Robbie needs to be black as part of his charactetr. When he first came out in the 60's yes, this was very true. In the 60's black people still were not really seen in the highest light, making him black in the 60's kind of helped to get rid of racial stereotyping. But in the modern age of 2013, he doesnt need to be. His role is to calm Jameson down and be the voice of reason for Jameson, and like i mentioned ive heard colm is a good actor so he might be able to pull that off. But we will just have to wait and see.
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