Is/Was The Animated Spider-Man Movie Based On Spider-Verse?

Is/Was The Animated Spider-Man Movie Based On Spider-Verse?

Is/Was The Animated Spider-Man Movie Based On Spider-Verse?

We know that there were at least talks of an animated Spider-Man movie in the works at Sony. Whether that movie will still happen remains to be seen, however I read through some of the hacked emails and may have found more info on the flick.

A while back (during the great "Sony Hack") it was reported that Sony was looking at Chris Miller and Phil Lord to direct an animated Spider-Man movie. Since then however, we know that Marvel and Sony struck a deal reguarding Spidey and that Lord & Miller are now developing The Flash for Warner Bros. Who knows if the animated Spider-Man film is still in the works, but recently, all those hacked Sony emails had been posted on WikiLeaks. I decided to browse through some and may have found some info concerning that animated  film.

David Singh (Former EVP of Marketing) wrote to Amy Pascal (Message Topic: Spider-Verse) on Apr 14, 2014, at 5:22 PM:



To which she replied:

Super interesting

Amy also forwarded the email to  Rachel O'Conner, who in return asked Marvel's Tom Cohen:

can u pls give me more info on this?
Begin forwarded message:

From: "Pascal, Amy" <[email protected]>
Date: April 14, 2014 6:19:17 PM PDT
To: "O'Connor, Rachel" <Rachel_O'[email protected]>
Subject: Marvel Bringing 'Every Spider-Man Ever' Together for New Event - SuperHeroHype

Mr. Cohen responded:

Hey Rachel – thanks again for letting me come over to see the film this morning. It was cool to see the film with all the bells & whistles – it turned out really great!

Re: the upcoming event – I honestly don’t know many details about the story yet – only that it’s called “Spider-Verse” and will be a multi-issue story starting in November. My understanding is that it will have some kind of dimensional hopping element so that the story can feature all the various versions of Spider-Man, including Spider-Girl, etc. (even the wacky versions like “Spider-Ham”). The central villain will be MORLUN, who first appeared in 2001 and was a pretty fierce Spidey opponent but hasn’t appeared in a while. He’s more of a supernatural villain as opposed to a science-based one.

The publishing teams like to keep things close to the vest, especially this far out but I’ll see what else I can find out, and I’ll definitely keep you posted as I learn more details.  

Here’s a link to a page that tries to identify all the Spidey’s in the promo image for the event: />  
Here’s a link to Morlun’s bio:

Amy Pascal then forwarded the Spider-Verse message to Phil Lord and Chris Miller asking:

Think this is it


Just another thing to put in the hopper

Phil Lord replied:


Other then Ms. Pascal saying "I know right...." that was the end of that email chain on June 1, 2014. There are two more seperate emails that appear to involved in the same topic. They are as follows:

A short conversation between Doug Belgrad and a mystery person on May 17, 2014:


I love idea all of it
Lets make it happen

> On May 16, 2014, at 7:44 PM, "Belgrad, Doug" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Didn't meant to go too fast.
> I love, love, love the idea of animated Spider-Man with those guys!!
> You just got me very excited and inspired to think big. 
> I will hold the thought until the time is right.
> Be happy!!

and then on June 23rd, Creative Exec. Adam North (whom seems out of the loop) wrote to Amy Pascal:

Skottie Young's Spider-Verse

This just broke today. Could be worth seeing for the Animation Project.


Now, all these emails occured before the Marvel and Sony deal as well as Lord & Miller taking over The Flash for WB. Also, something similar was done on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD that may have dampered these plans. We may never know.
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