Jane Levy better choice to play Mary Jane than Shailene Woodley

Jane Levy better choice to play Mary Jane than Shailene Woodley

Why I think Jane Levy would have been a better choice to play Mary Jane over Shailene Woodley.

The Amazing Spider-Man was a hit at the box office this past summer with a sequel release date May 2, 2014. Marc Webb is returning to his director chair and will be looking to introduce new characters into the mix. Die hard Spider-Man fans know that in the comics that Gwen Stacey is killed by the hands of the Green Goblin which logic tells us will more than likely take place in the sequel with Emma Stone herself acknowledged and is looking forward to Gwen's inevitable death saying to moment is an important part to her character's story. So with Gwen's fatal fate Peter Parker will find comfort right into the arms of Mary Jane Watson.

It has been reported that Shailene Woodley has been cast in the role of Mary Jane Watson for the second and third installments of the franchise but is she really right for the role? When I think of Mary Jane I imagine her being a young beautiful, smart, fierce, with supreme confidence. Shailene Woodley may be a good actress but I just don't get that kind of vibe from her and her voice sounds like that of a ten-year-old. Her resume and body of work doesn't really wow me so I'm sure how she ultimately won. But the thing that stands out more than anything is she doesn't even look the part to play Mary Jane.

My ideal choice for the role of Mary Jane Watson would've been Jane Levy. Jane Levy is one of Hollywood's best breakout stars to explode on the scene. She would be perfect for the role of Mary Jane Watson opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. First and foremost Levy is strikingly beautiful, she just looks like Mary Jane's real life doppelganger. Levy definitely has shown her range of acting skills from staring in a hit comedy series ABC's Surburgatory to being in teen comdey Fun Size which ironicly a young boy dressed as Spider-Man that gets lost a an Halloween party, to having the lead role in the horror remake The Evil Dead. Levy has all of the attributes to play Mary Jane, she's beautiful, smart, spunky and seems like the girl next door who you wouldn't mind taking home to your mother but also has a sense of vulnerability.

Sony has blown it in the past when they cast Kristen Dunst in the role of MJ who was just dull, boring and annoying in the role, she didn't capture the essence of Mary Jane and it's my opinion that Shailene Woodley won't either. In what I've seen from Woodley she doesn't wow me and jump off the big screen. Maybe when people see the sequel and it comes to there attention that fans won't be sold on Woodley playing Mary Jane Sony and Marc Webb will give Jane Levy a call.
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