New footage from The Amazing Spider-Man was exclusively revealed at the Kapow! Comic Convention in London earlier today, and you can find a rundown here. It just so happens that they showed it in 3D, giving those in attendance an idea of just how good the movie will really look.

• For the most part, The Amazing Spider-Man footage was the same as Sony showed during the international sneak peeks back in February. The main difference however was that it featured some sensational new scenes and was in perhaps the best 3D I've ever seen.

• A longer version of the scene between Peter and Gwen was shown, and as I said a few months back, they have great chemistry. Emma Stone's take on the character is far more likeable than the somewhat aloof version in the early Stan Lee stories, and is much different to Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3) and the various high school girls that Stone has portrayed in the likes of and Easy A.

• It's hard to find fault with Andrew Garfield's take on Peter Parker, and while he comes across as a bumbling Clark Kent type in this scene, he's extremely endearing. Peter skipping away (don't worry, not in a cringe inducing fashion, a la the dance scenes in Sam Raimi's last film) after Gwen agrees to go out with him was great.

• There was also some lengthier shots of the Lizard, giving us a slightly better look at his appearance. While the face has looked a little off in some of the recent footage we've seen, and while I can't help but think that giving him the snout would have been a much better look, it's hard to complain too much when we haven't actually seen a proper shot of him talking, etc.

• The other new snippets included Spider-Man swinging through the city, and they really did look fantastic. It was hard to tell whether or not these were comprised of special or practical effects, but it appears to be far more seamless a transition than in the past three films. We also saw Peter showing off his powers as he skateboards through the city, as well as a handful of extended scenes between Spidey and the mugger he webs up, and Peter and Doctor Connors. I also noticed that the weapon Captain Stacy and the NYPD take him down with appears to be some sort of electrical charge.

• Perhaps most impressive was an extended version of the scene in which Spider-Man swings around the top of the building seen in the trailers and kicks the Lizard. This time we saw the actual swing leading up to that, and it made me jump a little in my seat. Why? Well, it turns out that the 3D is even better than you may have hoped...

• In the most recent trailer, it became clear that a fair few of the scenes were specifically catered for 3D. For example, the scene in the trailer which sees Spidey's feet appear to come out of the screen as we're given a birds eye view of him swinging through the city. Amazingly (pun intended), this works like a charm and rather than being a gimmick, seemingly will be there to enhance the overall experience.

• The brief snippets of POV footage didn't feature a lot of depth, but I expect that to be a different case altogether when they're shown in full on the big screen. The 3D effects are spectacular however, and shooting The Amazing Spider-Man in this format has proven to be a wise choice from what I saw today. July 4th can't get here soon enough.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard
Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben
Sally Fields as Aunt May
Denis Leary as George Stacy

RELEASE DATE: July 3rd, 2012.

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