Karen Gillan Wants To Take A Crack At SPIDER-GIRL

Karen Gillan Wants To Take A Crack At SPIDER-GIRL

The Scottish actress has already played a comic book villain in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy, but which superhero would she most like to play given the opportunity? SFX asked her that very question, and it turns out she's a bit of a Spidey-fan.

Karen Gillan will soon appear as Nebula in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, but if she found herself on the more heroic side of the CBM universe, who's costume would she most like to step into? While chatting to her about her roles in that movie and in the excellent horror flick Oculus, SFX put the question to her.

If you could play a superhero, which one would you choose?
Yeah, who is there…? I want to play a version of Spider-Man that’s a lady.

Spider-Woman – does she exist?

There’s a Spider-Woman and a Spider-Girl.
I want to play Spider-Girl!

Okay, so Gillan obviously didn't know the character specifically..but she's a Spidey fan, that's enough! Spider-Girl is May “Mayday” Parker, but with her red locks and height, Gillan would actually better fit the role of Julia Carpenter, aka the second Spider-Woman. Either way, if Sony are thinking about a female Spidey spin-off, they need look no further.
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