Latest AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Production Pic

Latest AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Production Pic

As you're probably aware by now, Marc Webb has taken to Twitter every day since production began on his The Amazing Spider-Man sequel to provide fans with a new snap. What's the latest mysterious image? Click on to find out..

Webb has already given us 3 images from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, the third one even drumming up speculation that Venom may be involved. Now the director has posted number 4..

Accompanied by the following Tweet..

What is it? No idea! But let's take a look: Webb accompanies the image with the hashtag "Dramamine", which is of course a drug used to aid motion sickness. Will the machine partially glimpsed in the pic be used to give one of the characters a bumpy ride in the movie? Is it something to do with a plane ride/crash? Could it be instrumental in gifting/cursing one of the villains with their powers? Is Webb just fucking with us and laughing as we all read far to much into these pics? Who knows, but sound off with your thoughts below.

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