LEAKED Early Screenshots For The Cancelled SPIDER-MAN 4 Video-Game Surfaces Online

LEAKED Early Screenshots For The Cancelled SPIDER-MAN 4 Video-Game Surfaces Online

We now have photos for what the video-game adaptation of the wrongfully-cancelled Spider-Man 4 would look like! Come take a look, Jameson!

Back in 2010, it was rumored for a while that Radical Entertainment, a now defunct Activision-owned subsidary, was working on the next Spider-Man game. That rumor was soon shot down when Activision announced that the next game of that year, Shattered Dimensions, would be developed by Beenox. But now, thanks to new information, we now know that Radical was indeed working on a game featuring the webhead, & it was Spider-Man 4.

Wayne Dalton, a senior environment & prop artist, has unveiled a plethora of screenshots from the ill-fated video-game adaptation of the cancelled Spider-Man 4.
Wayne dalton sm4 001

The game was being developed by Radical Entertainment, after Treyarch moved on from the franchise to work on Call of Duty. It was another open-world sanbox game set to release alongside the movie, but production stopped just as the film did.
Wayne dalton sm4 005

 The programmers worked really hard on nailing Spidey's locomotion & physics. The unused aspects of the game would eventually be put into Prototype 2.

Wayne dalton sm4 012
This is obviously all from an early build from the game, so please excuse Spidey's weird look on the face & the generic-looking UI interface.

For the full list of screenshots, swing on over to Wayne Dalton's ArtStation Here


As for what Spider-Man 4 was originally going to be, director Sam Raimi was attempting to make up for the misstep that was Spider-Man 3. Tobey Maguire was already on board to return as the titular webslinger, but unfortunately (Or fortunately?) Kirsten Dunst ruled out coming back as Mary Jane.

Several villians were being considered for the fourth film, including Electro, Kraven, Lizard & heck, even The Sinister Six! Raimi ultimately settled on Vulture, with John Malkovich being considered for the role. Anne Hathaway was going to be cast for Felicia Hardy, only she wasn't going to be Black Cat, but she was going to be "The Vultress"?! Yeah, no. (Although this was likely to avoid being compared to Catwoman, but still.)

After numerous years of production & script troubles, Sam Raimi eventually left the project & Sony took absolutely no time to reboot the franchise in 2012, &, yeah, we all know how that turned out...
Wayne dalton sm4 018

What do you think of all this? Would this have been as good as Spider-Man 2 or just as mediocre as Spider-Man 3? How about the movie?

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