Marc Webb Free To Direct TASM 2 For Sony IF He Commits To 2 Pic Deal With Fox

Marc Webb Free To Direct TASM 2 For Sony IF He Commits To 2 Pic Deal With Fox

Decision time for Mr Webb! Word is that both he and Sony are eager to work together again on the Spidey sequel, but it would mean the director signing on to direct 2 movies with Fox..

According to The LA Times, Sony really want Marc Webb back to helm the planned 2014 sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and perhaps more importantly -- after initially sounding uncertain in recent interviews -- Webb wants to return too. There may be a spanner in the works however. Back when Webb directed 500 Days Of Summer for Fox Searchlight, he was locked in for one more movie with them. But apparently the execs gave him a reprieve to go work on TASM for Sony. This time though, they are unlikely to do him the same favor -- unless..

Fox is considering giving its blessing to Webb on "Spidey" but in exchange would extract a two-picture commitment from Webb. It would be a steep price to pay for the filmmaker — most in-demand directors don’t like locking themselves up that long — but it would free him to return to one of Hollywood's biggest franchises.

If no agreement can be reached, Sony will need to start looking for a replacement director quickly, as the movie is lined up to hit theaters in 21 months. Alex Kurzman, Roberto Orci, and James Vanderbilt are currently working on a script, which is expected to answer a few of those "untold story" questions left over from the first movie.

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