Matt Tolmach Won't Reveal Whether We'll See Spider-Man In SINISTER SIX Or VENOM

Matt Tolmach Won't Reveal Whether We'll See Spider-Man In SINISTER SIX Or VENOM

In the following video interview at the world premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, producer Matt Tolmach comments on the chances of Spider-Man appearing in Sinister Six or Venom, while also addressing a crossover with The Avengers and...a heroic Sinister Six?!

With the Venom movie, with the Sinister Six movie, there's a certain name not on the title. Are we going to see Spider-Man crop up or is it the start of the supervillain movie?

We'll see. That would be an enormous spoiler I cannot give you. I'll just say that anything is possible. That's the fun of that, and that is what you see in some of those Marvel movies. Once you sort of decide to open up the universe, the rules go out of the window and you get to have fun. So, without actually answering the question, we'll see what happens!

Have there been any discussions, at any level, about any character swinging by to say "Hi!" in a [Marvel] movie?

We talk about everything all the time, but Marvel and Disney and Sony are obviously two very different companies. As great as it would be, the truth is no. Right now, we are working with the characters in the Spider-Man universe, and there are tons of them. The question everyone asks, 'Is Spider-Man going to show up in The Avengers?', that's not a plan for now. Right now, the truth about Spidr-Man is that he swings along. That's his plight, so it's not happening anytime soon.

You've got a lot of villains in the universe, how many other heroes have you got?

If you look for example at Venom, I think knee-jerk people thing, 'Venom! A villain!' Really? Venom is a character who has this innate sense of goodness and justice, so there are lots of characters who can be a little bit of both. So, when you start talking about a Sinister Six movie, is it just going to be all bad guys? No. There's complexity to all of them, and that's part of the fun we're having right now as we're building it. Some characters are way worse - badder - than others. There's a lot you can do. There are some guys who are redeemable, and some who are really horrible. 

Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Chris Cooper, Paul Giamatti, Colm Feore, Sally Field, and Chris Zylka, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to be released in the UK on 18th April and in the US on May 2nd.
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