More Sexual Misconduct Claims Against SPIDER-MAN And X-MEN Creator Stan Lee Surface

More Sexual Misconduct Claims Against SPIDER-MAN And X-MEN Creator Stan Lee Surface

Following claims of sexual misconduct against Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee from his former carers, a new wave of allegations have surfaced today which are every bit as serious. Hit the jump for details.

Earlier this week, we learned that Stan Lee has been accused by former carers of inappropriate sexual behaviour and assault. While his attorney immediately dismissed that as a "shakedown" by the company that no longer looks after the elderly comic book creator, further allegations have now surfaced which are every bit as serious. These come from a female masseuse at a Chicago hotel.

The whole thing sounds pretty far-fetched but it's said
that, "The woman claims Stan's manager Max arranged for the massage in his hotel room and when she arrived they were both intoxicated. She claims Stan was out of control, he groped her and asked her for sex which the woman refused. He then started to masturbate while she was massaging him. She made a complaint to his people and apparently has demanded money, there's been a lot of meetings about it behind the scenes."
Lee's attorney says that the Marvel creator denies the allegations and insists that this is another "shakedown" in an attempt to extort money from the wealthy comic book creator. However, he doesn't deny having crossed paths with the woman (it's also worth noting that the manager mentioned above has a felony conviction for beating and injuring his wife and was also found guilty of beating his son).

"While people might think Stan is a frail and fragile old man, that's not the case," the source adds. "He's very strong for his age and still has his wits about him, this kind of
behavior has been going on for years and the incident with the masseuse was before his wife died. His age is no excuse." So, is there a darker side to Stan Lee or is this what his lawyer claims? That's not up to us to decide but no legal complaints have been filed and that may tell us all we need to know about this whole thing.

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