MrWhoCares Presents: Old Man Parker Pitch (Spider-Man 4)

MrWhoCares Presents: Old Man Parker Pitch (Spider-Man 4)

We all know that Spider-Man 4 is never going to happen, but Spider-Man 3 didn't quite sit well with others. Here is my chance to redeem the Raimi films in a conclusive way!

*I just want to say, this is strictly fan fiction and such an idea came up with the conclusion of Logan where I thought of a proper exit for Tobey Maguires Spider-Man in a way where the character feels more complete than in the end of Spider-Man 3. This is meant as a final goodbye to the Raimi era of Spider-Man films and given a proper end worth watching. Even though this may not happen, a man can dream. Based on the adaptation of "Spider-Man Reign", I try to spin it to fit the Raimi verse while also adding the flavor of Logan (2017) into the mix as well. Enjoy!*

O L D  M A N  P A R K E R



In the not too distant future, Peter Parker (Maguire) is now in total isolation of himself and has given up the mantle of Spider-Man. Now New York City is an authoritarian government state owned by the mega-police “THE REIGN” owned by private owner Edward Saks (Cranston). Now with everything out of control and the city secretly rebelling, an old acquaintance (Simmons) from Peters past returns to suit up one last time and bring peace to New York City as the Mayor & Saks prepare to lock New York in a massive shield known as the WEBB, giving freedom to Saks to control all of New York in his own image.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man- Tobey Maguire
J. Jonah Jameson- J.K. Simmons
Susie Baker/Penny Marko- Perla Haney-Jadine
Edward Saks/Venom- Bryan Cranston
Mayor Waters- Beau Bridges
Flint Marko/Sandman-  Thomas Haden Church
Max Dillion/Electro- William Fitchner
Quentin Beck/Mysterio- Jeffery Combs
Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven The Hunter- Benecio Del Toro
Mac Gargan/Scorpion- Michael Mondo
Morris Bench/Hydro Man- John Cena
Mary Jane Watson- Kirsten Dunst
Dr. Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus- Alfred Molina (voice)

Directed by Sam Raimi

Cinematography by Bill Pope

Edited by Bob Murawski

Music by Danny Elfman

ACT I: Life, Finds A Way

We begin our story on a Reign patrol car, as it goes through the city streets looking for criminals. A group of young teens are in an alleyway, spray painting what they believe is a signal of hope. The police find them, and immediately try to begin chasing after them for their crime. With them is none other than Susie Baker (Temple), the daughter of career supervillain “THE SANDMAN” is also running. As she manages to escape, the signal left in the alleyway is a spider symbol similar to Spider-Mans costume with the words “WHERE DID YOU GO?” As that is going on, we are greeted to our main hero, Peter Parker. A mentally defeated and battered Peter Parker working in a florist shop. Bearded, showing greys is tired. He is heckled by a customer who is complaining about how his flowers were done. The manager hears about this and tells Peter to step aside.

At this point a long speech is given to Peter about his lack of contribution and lack of focus with the business and fires him. Peter leaves and upon leaving sees the kids who were being chased, aside from Susie being beaten by electric batons from the police. Peter witnesses this, and does nothing but walk away as the kids plead for help. Upon going back home, Peters apartment looks empty and depressing with a dead flower sitting at his kitchen table. Peter replaces the flower and looks at an image of him and Mary Jane together with a ring on her finger. He enters his bedroom and pulls out his Spider-Man costume from his briefcase, old and dusty flashbacks of his past are heard rushing through his head. He puts it back, implying the past has been put behind us and should stay that way as Peter sits in the dark alone, fading to black. Next morning, Daily Bugle, now a big TV empire operating in New York City and owned by private investor Edward Saks (Cranston) is having an interview with Mayor Waters (Beau Bridges).

The interview talks about a new program named the WEBB that would protect New York City from any super terrorists outside of the city from entering. Explaining that this is nothing more than a precaution to keep New York City 100% safe. As the segment ends, Waters meets with Saks behind the scenes as they discuss freezing the election until the WEBB program is up. Saks ensures that such a task could be done and could be announced no later than today. Waters agrees to this with no issue what so ever.

Meanwhile, an old man is seen getting off a bus, revealing to be Jameson (Simmons), an old battered and crippled man no longer editor of the Daily Bugle looks up at a building. Presumably the apartment building of Peter Parker. In the apartment, Peter sleeping; hears a buzzard at his door. Confused at who can show up at this time heads to the door. Locked; he opens the door to find Jameson with a box demanding he let him in. Peter, still confused and shocked he is here, opens the door for Jameson letting him in. The banter between the two is a mixture of dark humor, depression and realization of the situation of New York. Jameson apologizes to Peter for his constant barrage of hate towards him and his pictures of Spider-Man and pleading that he left the Bugle cause of all the lies. Peter & Jameson argue about the past with Jameson telling him he only came to leave him this box and decides its best if he leaves. Peter, refuses to open it however and walks away.

At the main building in New York, “THE REIGN BUILDING” which acts as both the mega-police headquarters and corporate offices of Reign. Saks in the building along with Mayor Waters talk about in exposition about the end of an era 30 years ago when heroes reigned supreme and villains were thwarted every other day of the week. Waters buys into the illusion that New York is safe and doesn’t need heroes. Saks mentions the biggest hero, Spider-Man. As Saks walks away, we see him talking to himself referring to himself as “we” as he gloats about controlling the city for his own sinister purposes.

At night we see Susie Baker, along with another group of teens discussing what they heard on the news. Susie trying to lead the big group known as THE SPIDER WATCHERS, go into disarray when mentioning Spider-Man. Believing that all hope is lost with the people of New York. Jameson enters, and speaks with Susie. It was Susie who decided to give the box to Peter to which Susie asks if he had opened it with Jameson lying stating YES. When asked what happened, Jameson lies again telling them he took it well. Susie, seeing through his lies demand she be taken over to Peters apartment. Jameson reveals it might be a bad time due to it being night and with Reign patrolling the streets it would be difficult.

Either way, he is persuaded threatened. With haste, Jameson decides to take Susie with her telling her followers to  stay alert and to stay out of trouble. With a small group just ignoring her leadership as they walk off. At a graveyard, Peter is seen standing but not in front of any grave but away from it. He is seen starring at a particular grave site revealed to be of “MARY JANE WATSON” who is dead. Peter leaves, broken hearted, unknown to us what her death is he leaves. On his way back to the apartment, he sees Susie & Jameson standing at his door way. Peter, reluctant and crabby, decides to let them both in to hear them out on this strange day.
Susie asks why hasn’t Peter put on the mask, which Peter confused as to what she is talking about catches Jameson about his bullshit. However she ignores this, and demands that Peter return to being Spider-Man. Peter lies and shouts at the both of them that he isn’t and never was Spider-Man telling them both to give up. Before leaving out the door, Susie recites Uncle Bens famous quote “With great power, comes great responsibility” saying she learned that from the biggest inspiration hero she has ever known, pointing to Peter as they both walk out. Peter struck by this, slams his chair against the wall as it shatters apart.

Outside of the apartment, Reign officers see Susie & Jameson and demand they come with them to be detained. They both decline with Reign beginning to use excessive force as they are outnumbered. In the apartment we see Peter looking out the window, and looking at the box. He finally opens it with Susie & Jameson still in trouble and finds his old picture camera and his old “SPIDER-MAN” mask. As screams and scuffle are heard outside, a tear goes down Peters eye, he knows what he must do.
Outside of the building we see Jameson trying to fight them off as they try to take Susie. Jameson knocked to the ground, is in a lot of pain. Susie tries to escape their clutches as they try to move away. Suddenly, a loud thud is heard on the police car. Peter, masked as Spider-Man with nothing but sweat pants on, battles the police and takes them on with ease. Susie & Jameson, are in “awe” that he is back. As Jameson stands up, he shouts “ARE YOU BACK”? with the only reply given is a punch to Jamesons face and Spider-Man swinging off into the night. Susie with a smile on her face replies to Jameson softly, “He’s back”

ACT II: The Return
The next day, a breaking news on the Daily Bugle cites the return of Spider-Man showing dashboard footage of Spider-Man stopping the police. This upsets Mayor Waters as he fears Spider-Man will stir trouble in the election, demanding Saks do something about this. Saks reiterates to him he needs to be careful who he talks to, with a shadow of presumably Venom on the back-wall behind Saks, implying Edward is Venom. This frightens Waters as he calms down. Saks begins to prepare a plan and tells Waters that he knows an exact way to stop Spider-Man. Back at Peters apartment, Peter is shown looking at his old costume, but opting to wear the black suit instead thinking it could blend better at night. Susie appears at his door, while Peter tries to shoo her away, Susie needs to speak with him about the events that are transpiring. Explaining that soon Reign will unleash a bio-metric grid known as WEBB to seal off the city so no one enters or leaves. Susie believes this is all a lie and that they only want to kill the Spider-Watchers. She asks if he can show up to support her and her rebel gang to which Peter sharply responds no and tells her he is not returning despite him saving her life yesterday. When asked why, Peter kicks her out yet again.
Meanwhile later that day at Ravencroft we see supervillains all in their jail cell. Maxwell Dillion (Fitchner), who looks to have burns from his electric powers on his face, bald. Mac Gargan (Mondo), who looks half human, half Scorpion appears to be mutating with a giant tail locked in his cell. Flint Marko (Cooper), is stuck in a water based cell, Sergei Kravenoff (Del Toro) who is locked in handcuffs in his hands and ankles. Quentin Beck (Jeffrey Combs) who is sitting in his cell, looking angry & Morris Bench (Cena) standing in a fire holding cell. Saks walks by all six of them, his plan to stop Spider-Man being unveiled. He promises the six villains something big in return, FREEDOM. He reveals his plans to seal New York, and that once Spider-Man is killed they may leave New York. Gargan asks why he should listen to them with Saks telling them that the only way he will let them out is if they inject a chip in their neck. A bomb, that if they step foot out of the fault line of New York, they will detonate the bomb killing them in the process. They jointly agree to do it for freedom with Saks showing them an evil grin. Beck asks how do they find Spider-Man if he is retired. Saks replies with the name PETER PARKER.

Back at Peters apartment, Peter is leaving the building when he sees Susie standing at the building. Peter tells her to leave, as he is only leaving to find a job. Susie begs to hear her out and adds her father is FLINT MARKO. Peter, curious and interested decides to hear her out as they head upstairs. Susie explains she doesn’t know her father quite well other than he was a supervillain who fought him constantly, but wishes it was like the good ol days. Peter then confides with her about why he quit being Spider-Man but being remotely vague. He implies someone close to him died, Susie responding with Gwen Stacey, he shoots down her idea and adds someone much closer. She sees Peters eyes fixated on a photo of Mary Jane, she doesn’t know her but knows she was very important. Suddenly, Peters spider-senses begin to off. In slow motion, we see Peters window with a bright fire heading his way. He quickly shoots a web to Susie pulling her closer to him as he grabs a hold of her and jumps out the way through the front door. Out of slow motion, the apartment is hit with a missile as the apartment explodes. Peter in shock at this, rips open his shirt revealing his BLACK SUIT. Spider-Man demands Susie to leave as he will take care of this.

Spider-Man escapes out the building, and finds Kraven with the a rocket launcher and the SINISTER SIX waiting to battle him. In a ruthless battle, Spider-Man attempts to stop them but to no avail. Susie watches the entire fight from a distance, even standing very close to Flint Marko. However, he doesn’t know that is his daughter as he tells her to beat it or she will die too. Hurt, Susie runs off with tears. The fight goes into a big crowd in Times Square, when Spider-Man is beaten and cornered by the Six. Kraven rips off his mask, revealing who he is in front of the crowd proving that Spider-Man is nothing more than a mere coward. Suddenly, a skeleton body with four tentacles DR OCTOPUS come in to stop the Sinister Six and saves Spider-Man by taking him. A knocked out Peter is now in the hands of Doc Ock, taking him to an unknown location. Meanwhile, Flint goes to report this to Saks, to which Saks states then the job isn’t done and that they must stay. Flint mentions seeing someone, someone he feels was close to him however Saks lies and tells him that the only known name Marko was Penny, and she had died years ago in a tragic accident. 

 Susie, reuniting with THE SPIDER-WATCHERS who now seem to be rebelling over the defeat of Spider-Man decide to take matters into their own hands. They get every known rebel to stand up to the city and to wear a mask of SPIDER-MAN. All of them gear up before the WEBB activates to riot at the Reign building. Susie tries to stop them and warn them that the Sinister Six is out and they could get killed, but they ignore her and begin to head to building to start a riot. Jameson goes to Susie, to try and console her. Susie tells him that Peter was taken by Dr. Octopus with Jameson stating that is impossible since Dr. Octopus has been dead for years.

At the Reign building, Mayor Waters believes this has gone far enough and orders that Saks shut down the entire WEBB grid entirely and for him to leave New York City at once. Saks, feeling threatened, tells Waters that he is no longer mayor and should accept that come election time he will lose. Angrily, Waters tries to attack Saks, but Saks with the symbiote attacks Waters and throws him out the window killing him. An assistant of Saks ask when the grid will be turned on to which he replies soon to prepare the machine.
Back at Peter, he is startled as he wakes up. He notices everything looks lighter and more colorful, and he looks a lot younger. He looks at the bed in front of him seeing Mary Jane, bald and on her deathbed. Peter & Mary Jane speak to each other, to which Mary Jane reveals this is all a dream. Suddenly, in reality we see Peter Parker wake up with the tentacles that saved Peter, standing over him. In the destroyed Pier (nod to Spider-Man 2) where we see a coffin. The tentacles through A.I. demand that he open the coffin to know what he must do. Slowly as he opens the coffin, we see the dead body already a skeleton of Mary Jane Watson. Peter, freaking out over this goes into a panic mode going into the fetal position crying and screaming.

Suddenly a flashback is seen, Peter is talking to Mary Jane. It is revealed Peter is responsible for killing Mary Jane while trying to impregnate her, revealing the radiation in his DNA caused her to have terminal cancer. The flashback suddenly mentions the present day situation, with Mary Jane telling him it isn’t his fault. Peter in tears pleads with her it is, with Mary Jane acknowledging what is happening but reveals that the people need him and that the past should not haunt him forever, with her telling him what Uncle Ben wanted for him with his gifts and that he has a responsibility. Mary Janes last words to him, are “Go get em tiger” to which Peter wakes up, snapping back to reality. The tentacles have taken the briefcase from the side of MJ and give it to Peter. Upon opening it, the classic red and blue suit is there in mint condition. Peter knows what he must do, our next shot of the Pier from a distance shows THE CLASSIC SPIDER-MAN swing out of the Pier, ready to stop Reign.

ACT III: "Go Get Em Tiger"
At the Reign building, The Spider-Watchers have already started their riot with Reign’s police force, what is stated as a riot looks more like a warzone in front of the building. Saks from the top floor watches this and calls one of the members of the Six to protect the building and stop the riot in case of Spider-Man returning. Suddenly a guard bursts through the doors with Jameson there with Jameson demanding he see Saks. Saks tells the guard to leave as the both of them sit there. Saks reveals to Jameson how he once knew a guy named Eddie who was just like him, who shared the same common enemy. This clicks with Jameson that Saks is indeed Eddie Brock. Saks, doesn’t answer but instead tells Jameson there is no grid, revealing he plans to use the machine to project the symbiotes so they can multiply and build an army of symbiotes to take control of every single New Yorker. Jameson, frightened has no idea what to do, and was only there to plead with Saks to stop. Saks calmly tells him it is too late.
Meanwhile outside as the battle rages on, suddenly a web appears pulling away guards. The Spider-Watchers look above, SPIDER-MAN has arrived. The watchers cheer, within the group is Susie who also cheers for his triumphant return. The Sinister Six sees this, with Spider-Man leading them away from the riot and onto the building. An epic battle between the six happens, Electro is killed with Hydro Man on the side of the building due to his electricity colliding with Hydro Man. Kraven is also killed accidently by Mysterio to which Peter knocks him out cold. Suddenly its just him and Gargan with Sandman noticeably absent.

As Spider-Man and Gargan battle, Susie is seen battling a couple of Reign officers with a crowbar trying her best to defeat them. Suddenly Flint shows up, seeing who this mysterious person is. They both look at each other, frozen. Susie mutters his name “Dad…” then suddenly is shot with a barrage of gun fire, fatally wounding her. Flint rushes to her aid, Susie reveals in her dying words that she is indeed his sick daughter Penny Marko and was taken by a foster family with her name changed for her safety. His arms give out into sand, his anger rises as he begins to kill off any Reign officer in anger.

Spider-Man manages to throw Gargan off on the side of the building, with the bomb in his neck going off as a defect, instantly killing him. Spider-Man, in his tattered and ruined suit makes it to the top office to try to find Saks and only finds a knocked out Jameson. Jameson tells Peter that Brock is behind all this and that he is at the roof ready to unleash the symbiotes. To Spider-Mans horror he rushes to the top of the building and finds Saks. Spider-Man reveals he knows his intentions and asked how he survived the blast. Edward reveals his DNA was still in the symbiote to help him bring him back to life, revealing he was reborn as a symbiote bred with a human. Spider-Man pleads Saks to end this with Saks only reply “We only end, when you do Parker”, in which he turns on the machine. The machine then sucks Sak in, his body being engulfed in the symbiote as he transforms into Venom. The machine begins to replicate the symbiotes as it gets unleashed onto the city.

On the ground level, everyone notices this even Sandman. Sandman tells one of the Spider-Watchers to get to the nearest Cathedral and ring the bells to ward off the symbiotes. Meanwhile Spider-Man and Venom have their final fight, with Venom gaining the upperhand almost beating Spider-Man senseless. He reveals they had been waiting for this since the symbiote abandoned Spider-Man and that the anger will be an easy attachment for everyone in the city and that Venom will forever flourish.
One of the watchers reach a broken down cathedral with one of the symbiotes chasing them, he makes it to the bell as it rings all through the city. The symbiotes react violently in pain, as they begin to crawl back to the Reign building. Venom reacts violently, as the symbiotes attach to him, Venom is now growing bigger, taller, almost 20 feet high as Peter knows this is too much for him. Sandman appears to help Spider-Man at this point to his surprise.

Sandman reveals that they were sent to kill Spider-Man and that if they leave they would be killed by a bomb stuck in them. Sandman gives Spider-Man the detonate he found in Saks office and tells him to detonate the bomb so he can sacrifice himself and kill the symbiotes once and for all. Reluctant, Spider-Man hurries to get a beaten Jameson and rushes to leave. Sandman then tries to merge with Venom with his sand, and quickly Spider-Man detonates the bomb. A massive explosion so big sets off, destroying the symbiote and the Reign building. Spider-Man lands on a rooftop with Jameson, with Spider-Man knocking out from the injuries and tiredness from the battle. Jameson pleads for him to awake, as it fades to black unknown what happened to Peter.

ONE MONTH LATER, the city seems to be back to normal. Jameson is now the “unofficial” spokesman for Spider-Man. Reign has now been disbanded entirely with the building condemned, Daily Bugle is now a private corporation to where Jameson goes on TV to speak for Spider-Man. With the city now safe, a man in a trenchcoat is seen looking at the grave of Mary Jane Watson. He leaves a bouquet of roses down in front of her grave, revealing to be Peter alive and well. He says his final goodbyes (Akin To Forest saying goodbye to Jenny in Forest Gump at her grave) and tells MJ that she was right, he does have responsibilities he needs to keep up with, implying that he will continue to be Spider-Man no matter what fading to black at an uncovered reveal of Peters chest, revealing his costume is underneath his coat.


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