My opinion on the upcoming film, The Amazing Spiderman

Ever since the bomb that was Spider-man 3, somewhere in the back of my mind, I've been hoping that along the road there would be a Spiderman series that wouldn't let me down. The Spiderman reboot titled, The Amazing Spiderman is a dream come true. Andrew Garfield is a significant improvement over the poor excuse for a super-hero actor, Tobey Maguire. I honestly don't think I've seen a super-hero cry and complain as much as he did. Honestly I'm glad that trilogy is done and he's no longer part of this series it's just such a relief to know that Spiderman will be done right this time. Gwen Stacy. I always admired her in the comics and honestly preferred her over Mary Jane Watson. I always had the impression that Peter and Gwen were always meant to be, but they never got that chance to explore their romance because the Goblin came between them and killed her. Mary Jane... now despite my admiration for redheads and white girls in general, I never really liked her. It's not so much that I wouldn't want to see her on the big screen again as central love interest, but after the lousy performance Kirsten Dunst brought to the character, which honestly destroyed everything about Mary Jane that makes her diverse from Parker's former lovers, I'm glad that Marc Webb, the director, is going back to Peter's roots, starting with Gwen. I think most of us fans who read the comics know Peter doesn't meet Gwen or Mary Jane until college, but thinking back to the Spectacular Spiderman TV show, easily the best Spiderman cartoon ever, and Ultimate Spiderman, I feel this is where most of the inspiration is taken from for this film. Web Shooters. At the time of the first Spiderman film, I don't think Peter having unlimited webs bothered me as much, until the movies progressed. With an unlimited supply of webs, how is it possible for Peter to use his brains to get himself out of a jam? In the comics, he's always using his smarts, actually illustrating his intelligence rather than saying a bunch of random words and claiming that makes him a genius. Yeah, not even close. That's one of many other things that bothered me about this trilogy. Everyone says he's a genius. I know he's supposed to be really smart, based on the comics, but in the movies, it's never shown. At all. Yeah good riddance to Maguire, I welcome the reboot with open arms. I'd like to have a Spiderman film that I can pop into my DVD player more than once a year. Seriously. Now, onto the Amazing Spiderman. The first trailer immediately brought pleasant feelings into my heart. I'm interested to see where the storyline involving Peter's parents, Richard and Mary, goes. Considering how they're not mentioned at all, or barely in the comics, not counting Ultimate, I think this subplot has potential. By now, we've all seen the early concept art of the Lizard, and honestly, honestly I'm not impressed. The Lizard should be creepy, not something from the Disney Channel. This ain't the damn Mickey Mouse House of Mouse. Seriously. I remember watching the 90's Spiderman cartoon, that version of the Lizard used to creep me out. Even the Lizard from Spectacular Spiderman was a little creepy. In general, I'm pleased that the Lizard is going to finally be on the big screen, hopefully done justice. I'm hoping that the final draft of Lizard looks way better cause right now, honestly I think it looks like the twin of Killer Croc. I have been looking forward to news about this film since it was first announced. But I have no doubt that this film will not fail to impress me. In general, let's just all be grateful that Spiderman 4, which would have easily been worse than 3, didn't get made, because there would be no way in hell that I would pay to see Spiderman fight an old guy with wings, let alone some made up bitch called Vultress. WTF?
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