Natalie "Arachne" Mendoza Quits Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark!

Natalie "Arachne" Mendoza Quits Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark!

Natalie "Arachne" Mendoza Quits <i>Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark</i>!

The actress, who plays the villainess Arachne in the troubled Broadway show, has decided to walk away from the production following the numerous mishaps that it's been plagued by...

The 30-year-old actress is apparently negotiating an exit deal with producers of the musical. Mendoza actually sustained a concussion on at the end of November when she was struck in the head by a rope holding a piece of equipment as she stood off stage. Though she returned three days later, she took another two weeks off after having nausea and a headache following her performance that consisted of flying sequences where she was spun upside-down.

Arachne is a key character in the show and, aside from singing the musuical's title number, she figures prominently in at least five other songs and several high-flying stunt sequences, including the one in which she's spun upside-down as mentioned above.

With a budget of $65 million (and counting) this is yet another disaster for the troubled show that have previously included aerialist Kevin Aubin broke both his wrists, another actor broke his foot, Chris Tierney, fell 30 feet into the orchestra pit when a cable snapped and required back surgery for his injuries. Not to mention the poor reviews the show got during preview showings.

Not good for the most expensive Broadway show in history, huh?

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