Paul Giamatti Wanted To Play The Rhino Two Years Ago

Paul Giamatti Wanted To Play The Rhino Two Years Ago

Believe it or not, actor Paul Giamatti went on The Conan O'Brien Show almost two years ago and professed his loved for the Rhino and his desire to one day play him in a Spider-Man film.

Paul Giamatti is 5'9". Aleksei Sytsevich is burly 'hulk' even outside of his Rhino suit. Still. that doesn't stop Giamatti from professing his love for the character and his desire to play him on screen.

I would be the best Rhino possible." - Paul Giamatti

He clearly has passion for the character if he's been tracking the role for this long. It will be interesting to see (if the role is finalized) how that physical transformation occurs and what type of suit is used for the Rhino. There's been numerous depictions across comic books, video games and cartoons ranging from tech-based to even mystical.

The Amazing Spider-Man sequel will hit theaters May 2, 2014. Filming is currently scheduled to get underway in February.

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