Sam Elliott Addresses J. Jonah Jameson Rumors, Hulk And Ghost Rider 2!

Sam Elliott Addresses J. Jonah Jameson Rumors, <i>Hulk</i> And <i>Ghost Rider 2</i>!

The actor reveals whether or not he's actually up for a role in Spider-Man and shares his thoughts on not being asked to reprise his roles in either The Incredible Hulk or Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance...

On Whether Or Not He's Been Contacted About Playing J. Jonah Jameson:

"I had no idea. It would be fun, but who knows? I wish I had a crystal ball. We all wish we did, right?"

On Not Being Asked Back For Hulk And Ghost Rider Sequels:

"They did 'Hulk,' then they did a reboot of that as something totally new ... and that fell flatter on its face than the first one did. I hear they're doing a sequel to 'Ghost Rider' as well. I don't think I've been recast; I just think my character isn't in it."

On Whether He'd Consider Starring In Any Other CBM's In Future:

"I just like to work, and the first consideration is that it be decent work, good work. It's what I've wanted to do since I was a little kid, and I've just been blessed. It's been good for me and good for my family, and hopefully, I've been relatively good to the business."

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