SDCC '11: Highlights From Amazing Spider-Man Panel; Description Of New Footage And LIZARD!

SDCC '11: Highlights From <i>Amazing Spider-Man</i> Panel; Description Of New Footage And LIZARD!

A detailed description of brand new 3D footage as well as scenes featuring the transformation of Curt Connors into the Lizard, described as "twice the size of a human, giant, very scaly and green" and "Killer Croc with a human face"...

Thanks to First Showing, we have the following highlights from the panel which is currently taking place in San Diego. These are just a few select excerpts, so be sure to click on the link below to head on over to the site to read their coverage of the packed out panel in Hall H for yourself.

-Finally, The Amazing Spider-Man! Logo hits the screens and the audience already cheers.

-"You might want to put your 3D glasses on."

-Finally, the lights go down, there's a low rumbling... but it's just showing the logo... the crowd starts a slow clap, but nothing happens. Still waiting...

-Some weird low rumbling sound coming from the speakers...

-Same footage as the teaser, but with a few tiny extra bits of footage, like a digital version of his webshooter... They're mechanical, but look digital.

-Some guy comes to the microphone to ask a question wearing a crappy Spider-Man costume and says "I've always wanted to come to Comic-Con as a fan" and then rips off his masks and it's Andrew Garfield - Peter Parker himself!

-"Peter Parker made me, Andrew, braver. He made me stronger... I wouldn't be able to stand here right now if I didn't know Spider-Man was here with me today."

-Avi Arad, Matt Tomach, Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone hit the stage.

-Marc: "There's so many things about Peter Parker that I found interesting... he's one of the most relatable characters in the comics. Spider-Man, he's a part of our culture, here's a perennial character... I felt an incredible sense of enthusiasm for that character that kept me up at night... It was too intoxicating and irresistible to turn away from."

-They're going to show us a little footage from the film! Very early, very raw footage, just a few minutes worth, we may see wire-work and greenscreen in it, but they want to show us what the tone is like and so on.

-Peter gets in trouble for humiliating/beating up Flash Gordon, and his Uncle Ben comes in and talks to him in the school. Uncle Ben is the one crackin' some jokes about Emma Stone photos "being on his computer."

-Cute moments with Parker trying to get with Gwen, but doesn't know how to talk to her. Acoustic guitar song in the background, definitely a Marc Webb musical choice.

-Just saw shot of Parker holding his dad's Oscorp badge.

-Looking through a folder at what little he has collected of his biological parents.

-Sequences of him being people up on the subway for fun, sequences of him sticking to various things in his home. All the stunt work has been with wires so far, no CGI at all.

-Spidey joking around and making light of catching robbers, at first being like "is it a real knife? no, don't hurt me, please!"

-"It was your responsibility to do those things, not choice, responsibility.

-The footage just got much more intense now that hes being called the "masked vigilante known as Spider-Man."

-"Dr Connors, stop this right now!"

-"Peter, secrets have a cost..."

-Spider-Man footage was FANTASTIC. Looks great, lots of incredible looks, the tone goes from jokey and humorous at first to being very serious and intense. Lots of piratical wire-work, barely any CGI, I am very impressed, this is a different and new Spider-Man.

-Stone: "I fell in love with the story of Gwen and Peter and I can't play a story without making it my own a little bit, so... I hope it's alright I'm playing her. So she's on the page, and I can of interpreted her my own. We tried to make Gwen/Peter's story new and fresh and we worked it out the best we could."

-There was no villain in the footage we saw, but they're now talking about Dr. Curt Connors. Oh wait, maybe they have footage of this?

-Watching Connors talk to students, already has his arm gone from the first moment we see them, talking about how he "longs to fix himself."

-Watching as his hand is growing directly out from his lizard arm, and his skin is becoming scaley.

-Two girls in bathroom, something pulls the toilet down through the ground, a HUGE Lizard guy pulls himself up, MASSIVE CGI creature WHOA! At least twice the size of a human, giant, very scaly and green.

-Sticks out his tongue and nearly licks the girls face. Side shot of his face looking at the two girls.

-Very interesting Lizard reveal montage, looks like a unique villain, but a little too CGI, though this is obviously very early footage.

-Audience Q&A has started, Marc Webb talks about how they looked at the Ultimate Spider-Man series to reference body-type for Spider-Man.

-Question for Webb about this being darker. Webb: "Darker is one of those loaded terms... I want the style to be grounded, I wanted you to recognize what you see on screen as our real world, and that goes for physical, aesthetically, emotionally."

SuperHeroHype have this alternative take on the footage, as well as their own description of the Lizard.

-The first scene begins with Peter Parker in high school. He's been in a fight and has gotten in trouble.

-Uncle Ben shows up and is scolding him in the school hall.

-Gwen Stacy comes up behind the two of them.

-"That girl looks familar, " says Uncle Ben, "She's the girl on your computer."

-He looks to Gwen, "He's got you on his computer!" he shouts.

-"I'm his probation officer," he says to her as he walks away.

-Peter is embarrassed, but Gwen comes up to him.

-"You've got me on your computer," she asks?

-"That's my uncle," Peter stumbles, "He's a pathological liar. He got you confused. He thought you were Gwen Stefani."

-Gwen obviously likes him, though and they flirt, setting up a date.

-Coldplay's "Til Kingdom Come" plays, carrying over through the next few scenes.

-Peter is looking through his dad's old briefcase. He tries on his dad's glasses and then finds a strange looking file along with his dad's Oscorp ID badge.

-"Your father was a very secretive man, Peter," says a voice off-camera.

-Another song montage starts. This one to The Rolling Stone's "Street Fighting Man".

-Lots of action scenes, most with wirework still in.

-There's a scene on the subway where some thugs break Peter's skateboard and he fights back.

-There's an Uncle Ben speech voiceover about power and responsibility and a shot of Peter in a wrestling ring.

-Another scene has a criminal in a car. Spider-man is already sitting in the back.

-The criminal freaks out. "Are you a cop?"

-"Really?!" says Spider-Man, "You think the guy sitting here in red and blue spandex is a cop?"

-Outside the car, a guy pulls a knife on Spider-man.

-He falls to his knees, mocking the guy and begging, "A knife?! No, no, no! Please! Not a knife!"

-He webs the guy to a wall, casually, firing webs like its second nature. He shoots one web while mimicking a sneeze.

-There's a scene where Peter is eating dinner with the Stacy family. Captain Stacy is complaining about Spider-Man.

-Gwen says that they're after the same things, but her dad says that he does it with a badge and Spider-man with a mask. That he's a vigilante.

-Another scene has Captain Stacy making an announcement that Spider-man is now a wanted man by the NYPD.

-Gwen asks Peter if he remembered his suit. He momentarily freaks out, thinking she's on to him, but realizes that she's talking about a dress suit.

-The scene ends with Peter screaming Connor's name.

-As far as the look of the lizard, it's definitely more in tone with the original Ditko design, though a lot more muscular.

-He's massive, but a bit more human-looking than the regular comic-book design.

-He actually looks a lot like killer croc, with a vaguely human face.

-The transformation into the lizard looks gradual. We see scenes of Connors with shedding skin and with green scales.

-He's down in the sewer, screaming as he transforms.

-Two girls are in a bathroom together when the toilet begins to bubble.

-It cracks away, falling into the ground. Out comes a massive green arm.

-Against a wall, the lizard moves up to both girls' faces. He smells them and then sticks out his tongue, moving across one girl's face. Imagine the scene in "Alien 3".

-There's a lab scene, too, where Connors introduces himself to Peter and his class, explaining that he plans to use science to regrow his hand.

-Peter understands immediately how he intends to do it, using reptile genes to regrow limbs.

-There's also a shot of Connors standing against a mirror, trying to imagine having an arm on both sides.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard
Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben
Sally Fields as Aunt May
Denis Leary as George Stacy

RELEASE DATE: July 3rd, 2012.

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