SDCC'11: Rhys Ifans Interview

SDCC'11: Rhys Ifans Interview

The Welsh actor speaks about Curt Connors and how he developed the character and more after the jump!

Superherohype got the chance to interview Rhys Ifans about his role in The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out what Ifans, who will transform into the villainous Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man, had to say:

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

It is completely Jekyll and Hyde. What we are presented with in the movie and I think the comics as well, thematically, is a scientist who wants to do well but he is restricted from doing that because he works for a capitalist corporation which inhibits him from exploring and advancing that science that would be beneficial to humanity. So then he takes a short cut and you know, he actually uses himself as a lab rat, and it goes wrong…it goes badly wrong. But even though it goes wrong it feels good.

What it is like playing a scientist:
I think a scientist like any other profession like a rock star, you have to be passionate about what you do…

When The Lizard becomes a full lizard there is a lot of CGI involved but what is clever about the script and Marc Webb’s direction is what you mentioned earlier, the Jekyll and Hyde element, is what is interesting to an audience is that transition from man to reptile, either from man to reptile or interesting in this film from reptile back to man. What does that do? What does it present us with? For me the reptile represents strength, invincibility, you know, Curt Connors is a good communist, the Lizard is a Nazi.
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