'Spider-Man' In The MCU? Forgeddaboutit! Sounds Like Sony Are Forging Ahead With SINISTER SIX

'Spider-Man' In The MCU? Forgeddaboutit! Sounds Like Sony Are Forging Ahead With SINISTER SIX

If you were getting all excited about the prospect of Spider-Man joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, you may want to think again!eo It's not confirmed, but it appears as if Sony are indeed forging ahead with Sinister Six. Read on for details...

Considering the fact that leaked "Sony Hack" emails made it clear that the talks between Marvel and Sony about sharing Spider-Man had broken down, it's a little odd that we've since heard so much about Spidey still potentially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, as many have predicted, it appears as if Sony really are forging ahead with Sinister Six as planned! 

How legit are the Tweets below? It's hard to say, but considering the fact that they were unearthed by pure chance and the guy didn't send them to anyone directly (for attention), I feel at least somewhat confident in saying that he probably isn't making it up for kicks! We'll have to wait and see, but you have to imagine we'll hear something a little more definite sooner rather than later...

There's no one who would love to see Spider-Man in the MCU more than me, but it was always a long shot. Could it be that a deal has been made and that Marvel will oversee Sinister Six? Possibly. However, if not, we just now have to hope that Sony have learned their lessons from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and that Drew Goddard will steer the franchise in the right direction.

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