SPIDER-MAN: New Details Leaked of What Marvel has Planned for a Solo Spider-Man Film

SPIDER-MAN: New Details Leaked of What Marvel has Planned for a Solo Spider-Man Film

Seems Marvel is tired of the over-the-top romance and drama of the Sony installments and plans to wipe the slate clean if they were to make new Spider-Man films.

Details of Marvel's plan for a Spider-Man solo movie have been uncovered by Latino Review and later reiterated by Slash Films.

According to the report, Marvel was told about Sony's plan for a Female Spider movie which also included a potential spin-off of an Aunt May origin story, which Marvel "severely disliked".

With that reason, if the collaborative Sony deal were to happen, Marvel is looking to have "creative control over the character". This creative control entails "wiping the slate clean with Sony's Amazing Spider-Man universe". Any actors currently under contract with Sony's Spider-Man films will not be picked up to keep it far away from the Sony movies as possible, which likely may include not bringing back Andrew Garfield. Although another report is mentioning that Sony may have already fired Andrew Garfield just this past October.

One of the big changes Marvel has planned for their own solo Spider-Man film will be to take the focus "away from the romance and drama" which was very prominent on Marc Webb's installment. Marvel understands that the "romance has been played out over five installments already". Instead, the romance will only be a part of the whole film's side-story.

Sorry Mary Jane, the romance will no longer be the big focus of the Marvel led Spidey films.

Marvel's main plan is to bring the focus back as Spider-Man the superhero. Bringing the character back to his true roots: A teenager fighting to balance his dual life as a superhero - "issues that were brought to life well in the original 2004 Spider-Man 2 film".

Marvel also believes "Spider-Man's origin is well-trodden territory. Any new Spider-Man movie in this new deal would begin with Peter Parker already leading a dual life as Spider-Man". The report ends by stating "Spider-Man making his debut in Captain America: Civil War would have served as the character's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe".

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