SPIDER-MAN PS4 Concept Art Features Different Designs For Electro, Mr. Negative And The Sinister Six's Leader

SPIDER-MAN PS4 Concept Art Features Different Designs For Electro, Mr. Negative And The Sinister Six's Leader

SPIDER-MAN PS4 Concept Art Features Different Designs For Electro, Mr. Negative And The Sinister Six's Leader

This new batch of concept art from Spider-Man puts the spotlight on the leader of the Sinister Six and villains like Mister Negative and Electro. Needless to say, spoilers follow from this point on...

Spider-Man is a spectacular entry into the wall-crawler's series of video games and arguably the best one to date. Over the course of this adventure, the wall-crawler meets some familiar allies and goes to war with some fan-favourite villains, and we're now taking a look at all of them with this concept art. 

Our latest batch of artwork from the game puts the spotlight on Doctor Octopus, a character who was revealed as the leader of the Sinister Six around halfway into this adventure. It was a twist easy enough to see coming if you're a fan of the comic books (or have seen Spider-Man 2) but pretty darn cool nonetheless. We also have alternate takes on characters like Electro and Martin Li/Mister Negative.

To check out this new concept art from Spider-Man, simply click on the "View List" button down below.

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A slightly different take on the iconic comic book villain, it almost looks like Otto is weighed down by his extra arms here, something which means he almost takes on a hunchback-like appearance.
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A slightly more grounded take on Otto's appearance, it's fair to say that Insomniac ultimately made the best decision by having him bear a resemblance to his overweight comic book counterpart. 
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Some drastically different takes on both Dr. Octavius and his extra arms, you can see that the hope here was to further ground the scientist's extra limbs in reality, something which wasn't needed. 
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These arm designs are cool but a little too spindly looking. Some fans have found fault with what we ended up getting in the game but at least those made Otto look both frightening and formidable.
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The game actually provides a storyline based reason for Otto's familiar eyewear but it seems as if Insomniac toyed with quite a few designs before settling on the ones we saw in the finished product.
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The smallest of details make a big difference and that's evident from the work which went into creating the harness the villain wears which houses his extra arms. We also see how it's connected to his spine.
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The final version of Doctor Octopus, this is a design which both pays homage to the source material and delivers something new. Honestly, I could see this easily working in the MCU one day.
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Arguably the most important part of this villain is his extra arms and we see a variety of alternate designs here, all of which look pretty cool and definitely capable of taking down the wall-crawler.
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Electro joins the Sinister Six when he's freed from The Raft and J. Jonah Jameson mentions earlier in the game that the government tried to use his powers to power the prison. That's...pretty dumb!
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Electro doesn't don the classic costume from the comic books in this game but he does get some new gear courtesy of Otto. While some fans weren't happy, this is fairly close to how he looks these days.
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Max Dillon looks totally unrecognisable here but Insomniac deserves points for trying to come up with something totally original for this game. The final version was ultimately the best one, though.
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As I said, I think the final take on Electro for this game definitely works the best and while it would have been great to see him down yellow and green spandex, this fits in better with the title's aesthetic. 
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Talking of unrecognisable supervillains, check out how different Mr. Negative very nearly looked! These are all very cool but none of them would have worked with the idea of Martin Li being a philanthropist.
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Instead, he looks more like a typical gangster and while that certainly would have been interesting to see, it would have veered too far away from the point of this villain and his big villainous reveal.
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We've seen this version of Martin Li in other concept art, so it's clear a design which Insomniac toyed with using. If we were getting a total reimagining of the character, I think this would have worked.
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However, you ultimately can't beat the comic books and that's why this version of Mr. Negative works so well. What do you guys think of this Spider-Man concept art? Share your thoughts below? 

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