UPDATED: IMDB Lists May Parker as Carnage???

What is going on at IMDB? A few weeks ago they "de-listed" Topher Grace as "Venom", possibly as belated damage control to safeguard the "big surprise" of the movie, and now they've added a curious credit to Rosemary Harris. According to IMDB.com, the sweet old lady who plays Peter's Aunt May is also slated to play the offspring of Venom--the bloodthirsty villain called Carnage! Can it be true? Stay tuned for more on this surprising turn of events!

Check it out HERE!

UPDATE: We've received word that some fan/editor was bragging about doing the deed on an IMDB messageboard, and did it as a joke to show how unreliable IMDB can be for cast listings and rumor control. Seems he's made the point, but now it looks like word got back to the true editors because they have fixed the false listing.
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