SPIDER-MAN 3 And UNCHARTED Could Boast Unusual Production Schedules In Order To Meet Release Dates

SPIDER-MAN 3 And UNCHARTED Could Boast Unusual Production Schedules In Order To Meet Release Dates

Tom Holland is going to have to shoot Spider-Man 3 and Uncharted pretty much back to back, and a new report sheds some light on how Sony Pictures plans to get those movies in theaters on time...

According to a new post from Murphy's Multiverse, Sony Pictures is currently looking to start shooting video game adaptation Uncharted in mid-to-late July. Before COVID-19 closed down productions across the globe, the movie was just days away from filming in Germany, and there's since been something of a release date shuffle. 

Uncharted was moved from October 8th, 2021 to July 16th, 2021, the original date for Spider-Man 3. That's now coming out on November 5th, 2021, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' old slot. This means that Tom Holland - who stars in both Sony Pictures movies - will be shooting them back to back, but how will that work with everything going on in the world right now?

The site notes that Sony Pictures is aiming for a late September/early October start date on Spider-Man 3, and while these dates would usually make sense, they're very close together and arguably not practical when filming is now going to take longer thanks to social distancing/COVID-19 guidelines.

Well, it's said that, "Sony is really keen on getting as many productions done as they can while the water is warm" and "the studio is working towards some unconventional means to get Holland’s work on Uncharted done and dusted in time...That might mean shooting out of order to complete Holland’s scenes and starting work on Spidey without the lead on set."

Clearly, the studio wants both of these movies to come out on time, something which makes perfect sense considering they're set to be two of their biggest releases next year. 

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how this actually pans out over the next few months. 

Which features do we want to see in the Spider-Man video game
coming to the PS5? Click on the "Next" button below to find out!


10. Create Your Own Costume


There are definitely more classic comic book costumes which could be unlocked in Spider-Man 2, but why not give us the chance to create our own suit for the web-slinger? Everything from the design to colour and chest logo could be customisable, a unique feature we'd have a lot of fun with. 

Watching Peter Parker create his own costume in the first game was really cool, but it would have been even more amazing had we been able to choose exactly what it ended up looking like. 

A feature like this is a must, because as much as we want to continue donning classic costumes from the source material, this would definitely personalise the hero's next video game adventure.

9. The Venom Symbiote


Spider-Man ended with some big hints this would be the case, and while we've been able to play as Symbiote Spider-Man and Venom in a number of games, a next-gen game could really capitalise on that. Changing everything from the combat to the web-slinging mechanics, this alien costume could completely change Spider-Man 2's dynamic and help freshen things up in a big way.

There could even be a "rage meter" type system which sees you get increasingly more brutal and out of control, only to then take on Venom's monstrous form and tear everything around you to pieces. 

It will be tough to differentiate any version of Venom from what we've seen before; however, given the way the last game reinvented characters like Doctor Octopus and Norman Osborn, we're sure that this sequel will find a way to make a new version as memorable as possible. 

8. Queens And Brooklyn


Exploring Manhattan is one thing, but Spider-Man 2 needs to do something none of the previous games have: take us to some of New York's other boroughs! Queens and Brooklyn are the two most logical possibilities, and both would change how we play the game in a significant way. 

While Brooklyn wouldn't be that different to Manhattan, imagine trying to find your way through Queens? The web-slinging dynamic would be totally different, and a free-running system could even be used.

We're not sure how Insomniac would go about stopping players from travelling beyond these locations (Manhattan being an island makes it easy to cut off the bridges), but going beyond the Big Apple means new missions, new places to explore, and an exciting new approach to gameplay.

7. More Superheroes


There were some hints about other heroes in the first game, with Avengers Tower, Nelson & Murdock, and the Sanctum Santorum among the many locations we were able to visit. 

Unfortunately, the heroes who call those home were M.I.A., but Insomnia understandably wanted to keep the spotlight on Peter Parker. This time, though, we need to see at least a few other heroes, with the Human Torch and Daredevil right at the top of our specific wish list for the sequel. 

Teaming up with the Man Without Fear to tackle crime in Hell's Kitchen would be amazing, while racing the Human Torch to the Statue of Liberty would be a real treat for comic book fans. 

6. Playable Missions As Miles Morales


We definitely want to see more of Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2, and now he's got spider powers, getting to play as the youngster as he gets to grips with them is undeniably essential.

It shouldn't take the spotlight off Peter Parker, of course, but imagine how much potential donning a makeshift Spider-Man costume to battle the Venomized Peter has? It could make for an amazing boss battle, and various "training" missions beforehand would add a lot to that. 

Ultimately, the spotlight should definitely remain on the Marvel Universe's classic wall-crawler, but perhaps the DLC for the sequel can focus solely on Miles to ensure he gets chance to shine?

5. A Wider Range Of Side Missions


Insomniac definitely delivered a lot of entertaining side missions in Spider-Man, but they soon grew repetitive. We stopped way too many cars with the same old animations in the first instalment, and as fun as it was to take down gang hideouts, taking on literally dozens of baddies at a time over and over again became boring (especially after the umpteenth time). 

In this sequel, we need less repetitiveness, and more a greater variety of options. Whether it's catching balloons - just like in 2004's Spider-Man 2 - or rescuing cats from trees and stopping robberies in convenience stores, we need to feel like we're in a crime-ridden New York City. It would also be pretty spectacular to get more photography and detective missions.

Ultimately, anything that takes advantage of Spidey's surroundings to enhance this world is a must.

4. Greater Level Of Interactivity


We've alluded to this, but a greater level of interactivity in the Big Apple is something the PlayStation 5 should easily be able to deliver. For example, if you go from web-slinging to wall-crawling at high speed, perhaps crack should appear on the window you land on...in a chase, why not have Spidey bust through a window, only to burst out the other side to tackle his foe? 

In fights, picking up cars to throw at enemies should be an option, while damage to the street around you as fights rage on would help make it feel like this is a world we're actually inhabiting. 

In the first game, you could sort of interact with the people around you, and while we're not suggesting that you should be able to pick them up and drop them off skyscrapers, they should actually react to Spider-Man. Oh, and if the police see you, they should draw their guns!

3. No More Mary Jane Missions


Look, we love Mary Jane Watson, and as great as it was to see her take on such an active role in proceedings in Spider-Man, we really don't need any additional missions starring the reporter.

They were entertaining enough, but often a chore, and a really unnecessary distraction when all we wanted to do was swing around the city as Spider-Man! Rumour has it that Peter Parker will be working for The Daily Bugle again in this sequel, so teaming up with MJ is an option.

When it comes to making her a playable character, though? Well, there are arguably better options...

2. Black Cat As A Playable Character


We got just a taste of Black Cat in Spider-Man's DLC, but this sequel should be where Felicia Hardy is really given the chance to shine. Seeing as she's something of an anti-hero, getting to rob places as the character would offer a fun distraction, while she's formidable enough to deliver lots of action too.

This wouldn't be all that different to the Catwoman missions in Batman: Arkham Knight, and Black Cat would make a vastly more interesting distraction than Mary Jane Watson did in the first instalment.

Honestly, it wouldn't be a bad thing for Felicia to be a full-blown love interest in this follow-up, and if Spider-Man does give into his darker impulses, then Black Cat might just take advantage of that. 

1. An Overhauled Manhattan


We've already talked about adding Brooklyn and Queens to Spider-Man 2's map, but what about Manhattan itself? Well, it's in need of an overhaul, and we have some very specific ideas. 

Visually, a little more detail definitely wouldn't hurt, while making the map bigger could also be advantageous. Sure, it would take longer to get around, but it would add a level of realism, and that could actually be countered by giving Spidey the ability to travel around the city that little bit faster. 

It would also be cool to be able to head inside some buildings, while actually traversing the subway could be fun as well. Being able to travel atop cars should be an option, and more weather options would be a bonus too (just imagine how great the city would look in either the rain or snow).

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