SPIDER-MAN 3: Has The Title Of The FAR FROM HOME Follow-Up Leaked Online?

SPIDER-MAN 3: Has The Title Of The FAR FROM HOME Follow-Up <font color=red>Leaked</font> Online?

We'll probably be seeing quite a few posts like this as production on the third Spider-Man movie rapidly approaches, but a new rumor doing the rounds suggests that the title of the movie has leaked online.

Whenever production on a big CBM sequel is approaching, you'll always find numerous rumors relating to its title (remember all the Avengers: Endgame back and forth?), and now we're hearing that the official title of Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man 3 might have leaked online.

Well, leaked isn't quite accurate - because the title may well have been hiding in plain sight for a while!

Murphy's Multiverse has noticed two separate listings from Esquire and Maxim which refer to the upcoming threequel as Spider-Man: Homesick. Now, while it's entirely possible that one simply picked up a fake title doing the rounds from the other, "Homesick" as a subtitle would make a certain amount of sense.

We already know that the word "home" will continue to be feature in the title following Homecoming and Far From Home, and if the wall-crawler is indeed going to be on the run from the law (and possibly a very different type of Hunter) after he was framed for Mysterio's murder at the end of the previous movie, well, he's bound to be missing his old life as a high school student/friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

It might sound like a slightly underwhelming title, but then so did Homecoming when we first heard it and most fans came to accept, even like that once they got used to it.

Take this with the usual pinch of salt until we hear more, but if the title does turn out to be Spider-Man: Homesick, what would you think?

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