SPIDER-MAN 3 Working Title, Marvel TV Show Changes, Kevin Feige's Cameo In THE SIMPSONS, & More Marvel News

SPIDER-MAN 3 Working Title, Marvel TV Show Changes, Kevin Feige's Cameo In THE SIMPSONS, & More Marvel News

We have a great roundup of Marvel news today as the next Spider-Man movie's working title has been revealed, while we also have promo art from the Avengers video game, and Kevin Feige in The Simpsons!

Welcome to another roundup of Marvel news! There's a lot out there to cover, but rather than writing up every single piece of fresh intel in separate articles, we've collected it for you in one place.

Today, we're kicking off with some interesting new details about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, before moving on to intel on Spider-Man 3's working title, footage of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige's cameo in The Simpsons, and promo art from Marvel's Avengers video game.

Oh, and if that's not enough for you, there's also a mysterious Loki set photo! 

Needless to say, there's lots of great content for fans of the MCU, so all you have to do to check it out is click on the "Next" button to take a look through this collection of news items.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Reshoots 


According to Murphy's Multiverse, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is undergoing rewriters and reshoots due to the coronavirus outbreak. It's previously been reported that the show would feature some sort of pandemic (potentially related to the comic book "Madbomb"), and you can see why Marvel Studios may have decided against going down that route here. 

Over 3000 people have died worldwide, and it appears to be getting worse, so the show launching in August featuring a similar type of outbreak might be a little close to what's really happening. 

It sounds like it's mostly the first two episodes which are undergoing these reshoots, and there's certainly nothing to worry about. However, it will definitely be interesting seeing what changes.

Kevin Feige Makes A Guest Appearance In The Simpsons

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has become a celebrity in his own right in recent years due to his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he's now lending his voice to The Simpsons!

He'll play a Thanos-style bad guy, and you can check out his cameo in the player above. 

Spider-Man 3 Gets A Working Title


Tom Holland recently confirmed that the next Spider-Man movie starts shooting this July, and thanks to Production Weekly, we now know what the working title is. 

Director Jon Watts has reportedly gone with "Serenity Now," an appropriate choice considering the fact it refers to classic 90s sitcom Seinfeld. In that, "Serenity Now" is used as a mantra meant to calm the person saying it (however, it actually has the alternate effect in the long run). 

Seeing as the web-slinger is wanted murderer, this definitely feels like a pretty fitting choice...

Robert Downey Jr. Strikes A Familiar Pose

Well, that's a familiar pose!

However, this isn't some some of MCU tease; instead, Robert Downey Jr.s is raising money for Australia's devastating bushfire relief. His Avengers: Endgame co-star Jeremy Renner is also taking part, and this is obviously a great cause for the former Iron Man to bring some attention to. 

Thanks to Hasbro toy artist Jerry Wilson, we get a closer look at the costumes which will be worn by Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers video game. Captain America still looks, well, terrible, but it is hard to fault Iron Man and Ms. Marvel. 

The game was recently delayed, so it's going to be a while before we learn more about this one. 

A Mysterious Loki Set Photo

Here's a brain teaser for you! 

The @atlanta_filming Instagram account has shared a photo from near the set of Loki revealing that an actor is on set covering up a costume they'll wear in the planned Disney+ TV series. 

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to who he could be teasing here, but it definitely sounds like there's going to be a big surprise in the God of Mischief's upcoming solo show. 
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